More spindle and Figgy Pudding arrived.

April fiber of the month club from Chameleon Colorworks was Figgy Pudding, I like this color much more then Easter Parade. Light pastels colors are not my favorite, but this is how it is to be member for a fiber club.

Here is photos of Figgy Pudding, it is BFL.

I also got my new Bosworth spindles, it is Red Cedar midi 20 gram and Zebrawood mini 17 gram.

I love them, I have already spin on round finish and ply Corridale with the midi Red Cedar spindle 😀

5 tanker om “More spindle and Figgy Pudding arrived.

  1. I was wondering what kind of Spindle you would recommend for a new person to spinning. I have found a few made on Ebay but I am not sure what to get. I also know of the ashford ones which are around 45$ here… Any advice would be helpful!


    For a new beginner spinnera, I would go for a Midi ore Maxi Bosworth spindle, you can’t doe so much wrong then. They are my favorite spindles and I see from the newbeginner I have had classes with, they have no problem with the Bossie spindles. Sheila give you great advise here is the link to Journey Wheel

    Heidi Kim

  2. Hey HeidiKim
    You know Janel from Chameleon Colorworks is coming here – to my shop- to teach in July. Wanna come?
    Anyway, I tagged you for a meme. Go check it out at my blog.

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