Wool arrived and dyeing fiber.

Since I thought it would be boring to just sell white and finished dyed fiber, I started to dye again. Here is 5 tops I dyed, it is 2 tops with Falkland, 2 tops with BFL and 1 tops with Optim. The last one I am not satisfied with, since the Optim was not dyed in the middle.

Winter Berry – Falkand tops

Winter Land – Falkland tops

Berry – BLF tops

Grape – BFL tops

Spring – Optim

Except for the Optim, they other hand dyed tops will be put out for sale when my web shop is up and running, hopefully soon. But Beau are excused, hi and Allena got a new family member June 18 😛

Today there come also in wool, a lot is white since I will sell hand dyed fiber. Have fun looking at the photos 😀

Grey merino.


16 and 18 mic merino, yummie.

Wensleydale, La Plata and Tussah&Wool.

Merino&Mulberry and Merino&Tussah.

Space fine merino.

Here is the 2 drop spindle Allena send me, it is a gemstone and a wooden one she make. I will have this for sale in my shop also.

Gemstone spindle the yarn is spun from a batt Allena send me.

Wooden spindle from Allena, I used that one to spin and ply the yarn.

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