What a great weekend :o)

After some dissapointing show results, Kelly rely had here day in the show ground at Prestøya Elverum show on Saturday 9th august.

She became Best of Breed and for me the most important, she got the last Certificate she needes. Now I just need to get the blood out of the freezer and train here, she need one more min. 2.price in working merits to became Show Champion. But wow, I am so happy, typical me when it was a time since we last did it so well, I forgot most of the show rules and was just happy for the last Certificate she needed. Becaming Best of Breed was just greeeaaaaat, my Kelly was the best longhair zwerg that day.

I also had Charlie and Pippi with me, Charlie won his class but know CK/ res. CC to get further. It was rainy and Charlie got a blushy coat, that the jugde comment. Pippi I don’t know rely what hi did not like with here, I personly think she is better then here mother. But that is show and judges.

Despite of a lot of waiting, some rain I had a great time. Meeting up with other dachs show people and there was dachs people from my own club.

The kids and I stayed and old Grundset Camping, where Eva a lovely dachs friend lend me here caravan.

So this was the bragging part, now I have to start working again. I dyed some tussah&wool tops before the weekend, so they are dry know and I am going to braid them and take photos. I like the result very much, taken care of some order coming in and put together the spinning class,


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