Wish you all a Merry Christmas

Yeah, I know very long time since last bloging.

To take it short, the boys has left home, Mitch is staying in the family and are co-owned with Yngve that has his cousin Ricco.

I went to Germany on a company trip so visit Marcus Mühle a new dog food we have got at work, we also stranded there for 24 hours since the airport was closed down because of fog. Else, I can not recomand Ryan Air at all, bad customer service if they have some at all, and if you have bad back as I have, don’t fly with them.

I have been spinning and knitting as crazy to get finish all the christmas presents, the last one will be finish tomorrow.

Oh, and I am getting a drum carderin Christmas present, how cool is that? 😛

So, this was the short update, just one more thing



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