Yes, I am alive :o)

It has happen a lot since last bloging, I got some health problem that I am dealing with, but I don’t have so much energy so therefore either my blog ore website has got any high priority. It is not to serious, just high blood pressure and Diabetes 2. So I need to change how I eat, at least every 3-4 hour and maybe get some medicine to get my blood pressure down. Then hopefully I will be back with my normal energy level 🙂

The puppies are now 12 and 14 weeks old and except for Indigo, they all have new home and live happily with there new families.

I had a puppy gathering Sunday 8 november, so here is some photos of them. I have been spinning a lot, but since I begin with a new drop spindle when new fiber come in house, non of them are finished plyed and ready for knitting. But soooon, there will be wonderful handspun yarn to knit with.

I have else a Pomatomus sock on my knitting needle, will take photos of them when they are finish. Waiting on yarn to arrive to the DUSS2010, that is a along knitting sock true the year and I offer a sockyarn club, yeaah 😀

So until then,  have fun watching puppy photos 😛


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