The Black Sheep

Okay, I am back in one of my favorite city, I was here for 4 years ago and fall in love in the city. This time I am staying much longer, so stay tune for updates 😛

My first yarn shop visit in San Diego 😛

The Black Sheep, there was a lot of wonderful and supersoft gorgeous yarn, some incredible yarn art was hanging on the walls. But unfortuanelly because it was artist who had made it, I could not take photos of there art. Trust me it was incredible 😀

and no I did not buy the Buffalo Gold yarn – yet 😀

But this gorgeous handpainted lace yarn I did buy 😛
and this one ;P

3 thoughts on “The Black Sheep

  1. Åh… Jaja, bra det ikke er meg som er der, jeg hadde sikkert helt glemt alle økonomiske forpliktelser.. Svake menneske. Meg, altså.

    Kos deg videre «over there».

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