Del Mar Race track

Yesterday Holly’s friend Valerie invited us to Del Mar Race track, this is the first time I have been to a race track. Since the only race track we have in Norway is in Oslo and I live in Bergen, that is in the other side in Norway. We had place in our own both and that was also special and nice 😛

We had a nice time, did some betting but not much. I won some and lost some, not more then I could deal with. I am not the big gambler, so used 20$ won about $3,4 so was not so bad. My favorite in one of the race would have won, but up to the finish line hi stumbled and hurt his foot. Lucky enough hi was not put down, someone told us after the race that Del Mar is one of the worsted race track they have in Calefornia and for a couple of days ago they had two put down a horse. That was also one of the reason to why I did not bet so much after that, also people get crazy. There was a lot of screaming and yelling, not used to it 😀

Here are some photos from yesterdays race:

and some fun for the children and entertainment for us 😛

August 16. A update about the horse Love At the Bay that got injured:

Love At the Bay, a 2-year-old filly, became the fifth thoroughbred to be fatally injured at the meet after she broke down in the stretch while leading the fourth race. Jockey Victor Espinoza had Love At the Bay, making only her second career start, in front for the first 4 1/2 furlongs of the race on the Polytrack. But she took a bad step in the stretch, suffering an injury to her left front and was later euthanized. Espinoza did a miraculous job of pulling up the injured filly and avoiding other riders in the race.
Love At the Bay is the third horse to be euthanized after suffering an injury while racing on the Polytrack. There has been one Polytrack fatality during morning training hours and one fatality occurred on the turf course.

Last season, eight horses had been euthanized at a similar point in the meet.


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