San Diego Zoo

Melissa arrived at Friday at it was great to see here again, Holly drove us to San Diego Zoo. For me coming from Norway, that has one of the best zoo with BIG are when the animal can run, rest ore doe what they want to. I just have to admit it, San Diego Zoo was a big dissapointment and for me who also is a animal communicator it heart my heart, see the animal in small cages and stressed animal and there was smell from mostly all the cages. It was not a good experience and I do not recommend this Zoo to anyone. It seems that the Zoo was more build for people, shopping, food, drink, big roads so you could take a bus around etc. The day we also was there, animal lovers had a protest outside the Zoo. Had I know this in advanced we would not have gone there.

Here are some photos, for more photos you can click to the Flickr album San Diego.

You can click on this image to see more photos from the Zoo.

Don’t now if it was Melissa bringing the warm weather from Houston, but after she arrived. The summer has come to San Diego, it is so hot and also humidity here now. Up to 30c now I in fact looking forward to go home to colder weather and some rain, miss the option to could drink tap water. I got in fact sunburn on my should this day, even with use of sun cream ;D

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