Saturday, Sea World :o)

It was a great day at Sea World, we did arrived a little bit late on the day around 3pm. But then there was not to much crowd and kids that was running around like crazy. It was great to be back, I had looking forward to see Belive the Shamu show and for Melissa to see it. But after the tragic accident, where the trainer was killed it seems that they have change the whole show. There was no trainers going in the water and it was more about «splashing», but still it was a great show.

We so Sea Lions Live and Sea Lions Tonite with Clyde and his buddy Seymor and not to forget OP the otter.

We had a great and lovely day and ended the day to see the fireworks 😛

For more photos click on the photos 😛

Here are also some videos Melissa took:

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