2nd couple of Augusta wristlets

Finished with my 2nd pattern of Augusta wristlets, this time as the original pattern say with thumbs 😉 I don’t know what yarn it is, but I liked it with how the colors turned up. Sine it is pretty thin, I made theme with 60 st. instead of the standard 50, this way it is a size S.

I won Tumi yarn packet from Silkesauen

Wow, aren’t I a lucky girl 🙂 Silkesauen alias Frida, is one of 7 amazing designers that recently published a e-book about mittens: Votter fra Eventyrskogen. With publishing the e-book, Frida has a lottery on here blog, and I won the yarn packet Tumi that is the new yarn from Rauma. So now I am rely going to start knitting mittens, that I never have done before 😉

Baby booties

A friend of mine got a baby girl, so what better to find some of my own handspun angora yarn to knit a couple of baby booties 😉 I love to use Christine’s stay on baby booties, because I get the feedback, that they are actually staying on the babies feet 🙂

Christine’ stay on baby booties, knitted with handspun angora yarn

Uformelt’s pulsvarmeralong/wristletsalong

At Uformelt one of the Norwegian online knitting forum, I run a wristlet along (pulsvarmeralong). One of the pattern for October is Augusta and here is mine, knitted from handspun shetland/merino yarn 🙂