Some knitting done.

After the puppies was moved done in the living room, I have not been spinning so much. With 5 puppies running and playing, I know from earliere experince that the spinning wheel will be very attemted to play and bit one.

But I did a lot of spinning before the puppie moved done, mostly white angora and other soft fiber that I will start to doe some dyeing soon.

Here is what I am finish with of knitting:

This hat I have knitted from some navahoe plyed handspun yarn, the fiber is Sherino and Alpaca I got from Allena.

Finish with another My So Called Scarf, it is knitted from the hand dyeing Sulka I did for a while ago.

I also have knitted some baby booties in angora and a headband from the leftovers I had from the hat. Photos are coming.

I got some new doggy fleece blanket and just left it in the hall. Charlie found them and had to try them at once, hi remind me of the story to HC Andersen; The Princess on the Pea.

I have also posted a lot of new photos of the puppies on my kennel website; Mataya.

Yes, I know back to weekly bloging :o)

There is so much to do no at days, but I have not been on lazy. So here is what I have finish and working in progress.

Merino and Cashmere


Fiber: 16 mic merino and cashmere, both from Wollknoll
Weight: 1.69 ounces / 48 gram

Hand dyed angora&silk blend and 100% angora


Fiber: Mulberry silk from Wollknoll and angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The purple angora&silk blend; 2.22 ounce / 63 gram
The blue angora yarn; 1.94 ounce / 55 gram
30 – 32
Dyeing product: Jacquard acid dyes

Wildgrey and white angora


Fiber: Angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The wildgrey is 1.76 ounce / 50 gram
The white is 0.9 ounce / 25 gram
30 – 34

Navahoe plyed


Fiber: Shetland from Jerome and alpaca – Allena send me this lovely rovings. Spindle and Wheel
Weight: 4.13 ounce / 117 gram

Baby alpaca on the bobbin


Fiber: This is the gorgeous baby alpaca I got from Beth in the Fiber frenzy swap

I have also knitted, here is the feather and fan shawl in 100% angora and My so Called Scarf in merino&silk blend finish.


To the sales marked I got knitting help from Ina and Monika, here is some photos that they knitted from my handspun angora yarn.

This is a hat Monika has crochet from the hand dyed angora yarn, I did for a while ago.

and here is a a couple of wristlets that Ina knitted for me, I like this pattern very good and will knit more of them.

What to doe when you are bored?

Sometimes I get some bored from knitting and spinning, so what is more naturally then hand dyed some yarn? I wanted to dye some 100% angora yarn, but the problem with angora is to get it totally wet. 20 min soaking is not enough with angora yarn, so then it was not any dyeing done before around 2200 in the evning.

So here is after I have hand painted the skein, ore is it maybe my dinner 😛


Here is today, when it is rinsed and dry:


Yes, I know some times since latest bloging.

But there is so much to do this days and my health are not the best also, so what has happen since last bloging?

Last Monday I had the «Bergen knitting lady’s» here, a new idea we have no is to have a swap. This time after voting we had a swap with sock yarn and secret pattern, this is what I got from Irenetur lovely green Opal and English pattern 😛


So what am I else doing, well I am finish with 3 long wristlets knitted in the angora yarn I hand dyed with Wilton’s leaf green and black.


Also finish with plying white angora&silk, ready to wind up. One bobbin finish with wildgrey angora, one more to go before plying.



I also ball wind the English angora yarn I was finish with for a while ago, this wool was bought from Leah in Michigan.

I measured the yarn it is 4.06 ounce and 550 yards, this is what I have begin to knit; a shawl in feather and fan.


I know that is not good of my to have a favorite dog, but I must admit Charlie is my special boy 🙂


Just take a look at him, are you not agree?

Angora clipping time again.

Then it is clipping time for the angora again, I started with Billy yesterday and today Alfie was finish.


Tomorrow is it Cirkeline’s time, I take one each day. My back can’t take more then one rabbit at the time.

I am also knitting some children socks to my nephew, forgot to take a photos. Post one tomorrow, I am very pleased with how the dyeing went. I just love this hand dyed yarn, here is a photos of the yarn. It is 50% angora, 25% merino and 25% silk.

Well, it seems that it is weekly updates for the time beeing.

So therefore I have to begin with last weekend, I took a flight over to Asker. My best mate Kenneth was going to be married to his fiancèe Rikke. The wedding was beautiful it was very nice to meet Kenneth’s family again and also to meet Rikke’s family for the first time. I think I have knew Kenneth in about 12 years ore so, hi is like I wrote in the beginning my best mate, hi is the kind of friend that always are there for you if you need a friend. Hi is also the kind of friend that you can be so mad off when we discuss something professional, but that never goes out of our friendship and yes I have been so mad at him 🙂 So as you maybe understand, hi means a lot to me. So of course I come to his wedding, I must also say that Rikke is a wonderful young woman.
I also meet some of my old pals from Fana Red Cross (hjelpekorps), that was very nice since it is some years since I have seen some of them.

Here are a photos of the luckly newlyweds:

and of course I had to take a photo with them 😛


The only thing I was a little sad over, was that I had a idea of that my new digtial camera Nikon 40 was to big to take with me. So I borrowed my fathers new camera, that was not a good idea. Yes, it is small but, but a good advice don’t borrow a camera you never had used before. So therefore the photos are not of the best quality. Typical enough I use Kenneth’s Nikon D50 the rest of the evening and took a lot of photos 🙂 So next time I take my camera with me 😛

It has also been some time to spinning, so here is my latest handspun yarn.

Fiber: baby camel
Weight: 48 gram – 1.69 ounce
Yardage: 113 gram – 125 yards
WPI: 17

Fiber: angora bought from Leah
Weight: 114 gram – 4 ounce
Yardage: I have not measured it yet 🙂
WPI: 40

I also bought this little zapper it gives small electric shock to the skin, it helps if you have got mosquito bite. I am allergic to this small h…. bugs so instead of using strong antihistamin I try everything and this did not cost so much. And hurry, it helps no more wound and swolling and crazy scratching.


So this was a little bit of my week, this weekend I have taken it easy just relaxing with the dogs 🙂

Angora fiber from USA and knitting in progress.

Since I don’t have angora in this colours, I just had to buy some when Leah had some from Phoebe to sales. The english angora are hand plucked and not cliped like the german we have here home, I would like to have one of this type. The hand plucking don’t heart the angora and the fur are plucked without any problem. Here is Leah’s blog where you can read about here angora’s.


I have also begin to knit some of the lace yarn I bought from Knitpicks, it is Shimmer  Turquoise Splendor. I use the knitpicks needles and they are very good to knit with. The patter to the shawl doe you find here, it is just in norwegian.