More handspun yarn, baby booties and fingerless mittens.

On the last bloging you can see the photos of the merino yarn that is on the plying bobbin, now I have skein it.

It is 3 skein with white merino;

Wool: 18 mic merino from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 330 gram / ap. 11,60 ounce.
Length: 619.50 m / 677.50 yards
WPI: 15-17

Baby booties are great to make, when you have some leftover.

The white baby booties is made from my lace cashmere/merino yarn I spun, they doe miss ribbon band. They just weigh 14 gram 😛

I love Christine’s baby booties pattern, I change them a little bit and they are knitted of some left overs in koolaid hand dyed angora yarn. The weight are just 16 gram.
koolaid baby booties ch

A couple of fingerless mittens, the white is knitted in lace cashmere/merino yarn.
cashmere/merino on the handmerino-cashmere-mittens.jpg

This couple is knitted of some yarn I over dyed last year.fiberblend.jpg


I also started with the Oct/Nov Tofutsies Fiddlesticks Socks, it is from the limited edition. It is the first time I knit with Tofutsies, it is rely lovely and soft to knit with.


Knitted some baby booties of the hand dyed angora yarn.

Well, since it just was 24 gram with hand dyed angora yarn, I need a small project. The pattern is a old pattern, that was published in a magazine in Denmark in 1945.  I need to change the pattern to my yarn, that is the next project. But I thought they where a little bit cute 😛

I liked how the stripes come alone very much, so I am going to dye some more angora yarn in the same way. But have longer stripes of each colours.

p6200008.jpg p6200009.jpg

Ferdig med flere baby booties og pulsvarmere/ More baby booties and wristlets.

Da forrige par av baby booties som jeg strikke i angora ull ble alt for store, prøvde jeg å strikke et par i pinne str.2. Men, fremdeles ble de for store, vel de kan brukes til babyer fra 3-4mnd. Så da strikket jeg et par til i pinnestr.2 men på mindre maskeantal og da ble de som jeg ville ha de.


Ble også ferdig med to par pulsvarmere med tommel åpning, de ble jeg veldig fornøyd med.

pulsvarmere-i-viltgraa-ango.jpg wildgrey-wristlets-on-hand.jpg

De er utrolig lette, pulsvarmerene veier 14 gram og baby bootisene veier 15 gram. Men, allikevel så varme og gode.

Finish with more baby booties, had to experiement with the size on the knitting needles and how many mask in the patterens. And I knitted some more wristlets all in wildgrey angora.
They are incredible light, the wristlets are 14 grams and the baby booties is 15 grams.

patterens to Christine’s baby booties 

Ferdig med baby booties / Baby booties is finish.

Endelig fant jeg et mønster på Baby booties jeg klarer å strikke. Det ble et par i viltgrå angora garn, som ble strikket med pinne str 3. De ble litt store og løse med det garnet jeg har spunnet opp nå, veldig tynt.

Baby booties knitted in wildgrey angora yarn, they where knitted in knitting needles size 3. But since I am now spining the angora wool so thin, the knitting needles should have been in size 2,5.

Og et par i blå merino garn, spunnet av merino ullen jeg kjøpte ifra Australia.


Here is a couple in blue merino yarn, spinning of the gorgeous Aussie merino wool.