Here’s the news, fiber batt club is open :o)

I have updatet my webshop with a lot of batts and some hand dyed tops and also I have not open for a batt club, I hope that my fellow spinner will like the club.

As you can see, I have finnaly understand how I can make mosaci with flick. So here come another mosaic made from the hand dyed wool tops I sell.

I have got to new angora bunnies from Bente (Litleskare angora), shi is slowing down with the bunnies and I had place for 2. So here is my two new boys, Gråpus and Kid. I named Kid up after Billy the kid, I mean I have a Billy so why not a Kid?

I sign up for the hat along at Hobbyboden, that Kiwa and Tittei are arranging. For January you could choose between The Boy Hat and Let it Snow, I did not like the last one so much so therefore I knitted The Boy Hat.
I used Karaoke and needle size 4,5 mm, I love knit with Karaoke and had hope to buy more before it was empty at To Damer. May are selling out Karaoke, but after reading Anette’s blog I so that I did not needed to take a trip out, to bad for me – but maybe good for my pocket 😛

But eitherway, here is a photo of the second hat I knitted of The Boy Hat, I have also a third on the needles.

Stian with his new boy hat

Stian with his new boy hat

The model and owner of the new hat is Stian, Connie and I was invited to dinner from Dorte and Stian is here boyfriend. Dorte got a Calometry, but I forgot to take a photos of it.

Actually I forgot to take photos of all the handmade christmas gift I made last year, typical me 😀