Wow, last posting was in January, lol ;o)

Okey, the good part is that I am still at alive, but this winter has been rely hard in Bergen. We never rely have winter, maybe 1 week with snow and cold. This time it started long before Christmas and ended almost to now in April. There was rely, rely cold down to – 18 c that is not normal in Bergen, lucky enough I doe not live in the coldest part of Bergen. But we had snow, over 1 meter also a new record. Just look:

Mikey’s first real winter, hi loved the snow and I sometimes had to get out and take him in 😛

Here it is Indigo running in the «road’s» I dig out in the garden.

Here it is Indigo running in the road I had to dig out in the garden :o)

In February something wonderful happen, I meet Wayne and BLU-e. Wayne is a wonderful man and his mission is to bringBLU-e around in the world. Okey, so what is BLU-e? BLU-e is a continually evolving universal healing energy. It is a complete soul harmonization, as it reignites your Qi, reawakens the Soul and realigns your Chakras. It’s a healing energy that adapts to each individual’s own special needs. It is quite unlike any other modality. I will write more about BLU-e but in the mean time, you can read more on the BLU-e website. True Wayne I meet another true BLU ey Holly, she is just amazing and I am so looking forward to could meet here at live, since she live in San Diego.

If you are in Bergen April 10, Wayne will hold a mass healing and the following week you can also book a private healing session.

You have maybe looked at my flickr photo album and seen a lot of socks suddenly, the reason is that I have been so crazy to sign up for Sock Madness 2010. So what the heck is Sock Madnes, it is madness indeed. A knitting competition, where knitter all over the world compete. The beginning round we got two weeks and the where 160 open places, and yes I passed the round even if I can’t say this will be any favorite pattern so it will be with this pair.  So how doe the socks for the first round look like?

Da, da: Sock Madness round 1 – Simple Side to Side Socks

Yarn: Ayda
Needles: HW 2,5 mm

Then round 2 arrived and now we are on 4 team, 32 knitters and the first 26 go further to the next round. My team is All We Need is Yarn.Since I am not the most experienced sock knitter, I had some problem since there still was a lot of error in the pattern. But with good friends I did finish and got qualified to round 3.

Cool Beans

Yarn: Fabel; color 100 and 520
Needles: HW 3 mm

I have also knitted a lot of socks and hat to I have forgotten to take photos of, the last one was the fourth pair with Mingus, now I think I have knitted enough Mingus for a while 😛

Oh, and did I forget to tell you that in ap. 2 weeks there will be born a litter 😀


Happy new year :o)

A lot of big things has happen, I have had US visit and can welcome a new boy in the house. More information about this special lad will come soon on my kennel website. Mikey’s breeder Melissa (Kennel Rabows) come over with the eagle, we had some very good days, sightseeing around in Bergen in the cold and snowy weather. Lucky enough, Melissa got out from Norway before the European chaos started. The flight after here back home to Houston was cancelled and the roads here in Bergen, was crazy since it come more snow and it was pretty slippery on the roads. But when that happen I was back in bed again 😛

Spinners home has a lottery and of course I have to join, this will be in norwegian 😀

Her er reglene:
1. Skriv på bloggen din:
a. Hva har du lært om fiber/spinning/bruk av ditt håndspunnet garn i det siste året? Hva har du prøvd nytt? Hvordan har du presset deg selv ut fra din «comfort zone» til nye utfordringer? (Om du er helt fersk til spinning regner jeg med at alt ligger utenfor din comfort zone. ) Eller, hva har du funnet ER din comfort zone? («Comfort zone» betyr at noe er så behagelig at den har ikke noe utfordring; man kunne nesten gjøre det uten å tenke. Det betyr ikke at det er kjedelig, men heller at du har mestret det og at du kan «falle tilbake» på det for å slappe av og fortsatt vite at produkten kommer til å bli bra.)
Svar: Jeg har funnet ut at jeg ikke er noe særlig glad i såkalt art yarn, jeg vil ha garn som kan brukes til alt. Har lyst til å lære meg bedre å spinne coils. Ellers elsker jeg å prøve nye fiber sorter, ifjor prøvde jeg cormo/soy for første gang og bare elsket fiberblandingen.

b. Har du funnet at du spesielt likte noen fiber/redskaper eller ikke likte noe? Hvorfor eller hvordan?

Svar: Cormo er absolutt en ull sort jeg vil ha tak i mer av og elsker mykheten og egenskapene ved å spinne denne super deilige og myke ullen. Kan ikke huske at jeg hadde noe jeg ikke likte av fiber i fjor.

c. Hva har du fortsatt lyst å lære eller der det noe du er nysjerrig om? (Fiber, teknikker, metoder, redskaper)

Svar: Bli bedre til å spinne med low whorl drop spindle.

d. Hva er det du er mest stolt av i spinning/bruk av ditt håndspunnet garn i det siste året? (skulle elske å se bilder her!)

Svar: Jeg strikket Tiger Eye Lace Shawl, fra et garn som ble spunnet med min daværende nye mini spesial bestilte Amboyna Bossie håndteine. Sjalet ble strikket og gitt til en person jeg setter veldig stor pris på.

e. Nevn Spinnerens Hjem slik at jeg får lettere finne det du har skrevet.

Gjort :o)

f. Tenk litt om hva du ville ha om du vinne: en håndtein eller fiber? Om fiber, tenk tilbake til del «C»: noen spesielt du har lyst for?

Svar: Jeg elsker fiber og er en fiber snobb, elsker all fiber med lav micron, he he 😛

Show weekend.

This weekend is the last show for Charlie and Kelly, Pippi the puppie bitch I have one co-ownership attend to here first puppy show.

For some reason I am not good today, so when I came on the show ground I was exhausted of unknown reason. Charlie is very sensitive on how I am, so don’t know if that was the reason that hi didn’t show so good that he use to. But Kelly did it very well, she became 2. Best bitch and got the certificate 🙂

Pippi became 2. Best puppy bitch, she had some fuzz on the table. But she is just 6 month old and this was Nina and Pippi first show ever.

Tomorrow is a new day, the rest of the day I am going to just relax and hope I am in better shape tomorrow.

I am also finish with the baby socks to my nephew Erik, it is hand dyed and handspun of angora, silk&merino. I am very satisfied with the dye job.


I know, long time since last update :o)

Alright, I know it is a long time since last update, but it is so busy no at days.

Last weekend I was show weekend with the kids, I had Charlie and Kelly with me. The result up to know have not been of the best, but this weekend they did very well. On Saturday at Norges JFF show at Prestøya Charlie got 2. best male with res. CC and Kelly got 2. best bitch with res.CC.
Sunday was the Norwegian Kennel Club show at Bjerke. The day was was terrible in weather, we walked in mud up to the legs. But results was very good, Charlie got a very good critic but not the highest results 1. in open class and 3. in the competition class. Kelly did it very well, 3. best bitch with res. CC.
Of course, I hoped for the CC since both of the kids need the kennel club CC to became show Ch. they also need working merits. So maybe next show we will get the CC.
But this weekend, I also learned some of the not so good side with dogs show. I have heard about handlers that consciously try to destroy for other handlers and there dogs, and this weekend I experience this. Kelly always walked very good in the show ground, but when I suddenly felt that she did not want to walk I notice the handler behind me. The handler behind me nearly run Kelly down, before she past us as she should not have done. So after that Kelly did not wanted to go so much more, so I was very happy over the in the Best Bitch class. This behaving I have little respect for and yes, next time I will be ready and react this I will not tolerate anymore. Well, at least the handler did not got placed with here bitch in the Best Bitch class.

The other news is that I bought a GPS and yes it works almost 100%, but not always agree with me with was what the shortest way to the destination. But when I wake up on Sunday I quickly understand that I should have started the drive to Oslo for 15 minutes ago, the GPS that told me where the speed alarm is standing in the road was very handy to have. Doe I need to tell you why? 😛
We stayed with my brother Endre and his family, they had moved in there new house and had got it very nice and cosy.

I also met Stella a puppy I sold from Kelly and Milky’s litter, here is a photos of here:


Very long update.

Well, it is a good time since my last blogging, it has been so much to doe with both work and in the weekends.

There is so many photos in the posting, so they are show in thumbnail. Just click at them to see them larger, there you can also read the text.

So we begin with the latest news:

I have bought MBT sandals to use at work and free time, they are rely good to go with. Just need a time to get used to them, the first time I got dizzie.


Luckly enough this weekend I had totaly free and that was good, so it was a weekend with a lot of resting, tidy the house and more relaxing 🙂

Last thursday I took Ellie and Charlie with my to the Hundehelsesenteret, it was time for swimming traning. Poor Charlie had never swim before at all, so well I think Charlies’s expression talk for themself 😛





Wednesday it was time for knitting quild again, this time it was Cruzidull who was the hostess. For some reason the Bergenslady don’t want to have there photos on the blog. So here is some photos of the gorgous cat Cruzidull has, I don’t quite remember the correct breed name. But was something with Rex, and that coat was so soft and marvelous. Wish it could have been longer, then it would be wonderful to spin of 🙂 Cruzidull had also got a new digital camera earlier this summer, so I just had to take a photos of here.



Then last weekend Norwegian Angora had there annual summer gathering here in Bergen, I had class in food dyeing. The dyeing results was gorgoeus, I also carded up some of the tops I had dyed earliere. It was also very nice to meet people that I just had chat ore emailed with, hoping to join next years gathering also.



reidung-hand-dyeing.jpgfood-dyeing.jpg anne-berit.jpg



The whole gang, thank you guys for a great weekend 😛

Here is the tops I carded up, that I had dyed fora little while ago.

And here it is finish spin and Navahoe plyed:

I was going to post some photos from the NKK Trondheim dog show, Merete (kennel T-Bob), Anne and I went to. But when I checked the photo map, I had not prepped them yet. So I will put out a link here when I have made the show how trip report on my kennel webpage 🙂

Then all the puppies has left.

Yesterday the last puppies left and I have already got report from theme all, they are having it just well with there new families 😛


Little Mataya’s Foxy Black Lady was the last to leave, more photos on my kennel website.

Mataya’s Foxtrot Juliett are staying in the kennel and will live with the co owner Nina and Marius:

Spinning information: My secret pal from Spin to Knit has published here new online spinning magazine; Spindle and Wheel. It has intresting arcticle, great tutorials, forum and no also there first Fiber Swap. So take a look and join the Forum 🙂

Lots of updating

It has been so busy for a while that it the only new posting has been of the puppies,so here we goe.

My latest work, I have most of the time knitted. Some pocket slipper, calometri, wristlets knitted in angora, angora&alpaca and the calometri in the paste colours are from the handspun yarn my lovely secret pal Allena was spinning to me. That is a blend of kid mohair/alpaca/merino, lovely yarn.



Patterns to: Calometri and pocket book slippers.

Last weekend where everything was happen the same weekend, Bergen Hordaland Dachshundclub had the years first ordinary fieldtracking. I am for the time beeing the only member of the bloodtracking comitee so it was a lot of work, but I did get good help from other board member to take charge of the fieldtest.

One of my offspring from the D-litter Mataya’s Don Quixote – Ricco attend to there first fieldtracking test and got 1. price with Honour Price and became the 4th best dog of 15 dogs. Well done work Yngve and Ricco 😛

Yngve and Ricco, the judge to the right karsten Korneliussen.

Today Ellie went to here second swimming training, she need to get loose some pounds. It went much better today, little bit more calm but wow where she are swimming in the water pool. And so tired when she come home, but not so tired that she would not go on a little walk with the other dogs.


All the dogs need to have on a swimming vest, this is for the own safty and to get the training best for the dogs.


Ellie in swimming training.

Tired little girl, resting on auntie Connie’s arms, before a new swimming time.


Good girl, Ellie. After the swimming the dogs are getting washed and get a good massage. All this elements together are given the best training for the dog, one can use this for dogs that need rehabilitation, dogs that need to loose weight.

AquaDog Bergen where we are training in the swimming pool is one of many firm that is located in Hundehelsesenteret, you can read more about AquaDog Bergen here. The webpage are only in Norwegian.

I also got some visit today, I was suddenly empty for newspaper and since I clean up in the puppy yard at least two time thrue the day I use a lot of newspaper.
So Tittei and her son Konrad come with newspaper to me and when Annevenn heard that Tittei and Konrad was here, she came up with here son Jonathan to look and cuddle with the puppies. Later Stillow pop buy with some more newspaper, so no I have for a while.

And the puppies has got new photos on the photo page, but of course you guys will se some photos here also?



Mummy Kelly is taken a nap 🙂


And a funny photos of Charlie boy, if hi continue with this sleeping position hi need the have his own gallery that Ellie’s has 😛


Well, I think that I have got everything updatet no, ore well I have forgot to take photos of the latest gorgous wool I orded from Leah. So here you can see photos on Leah webpage, it is the wool that is called Charcoal Merino/Tussah silk laps.

Some puppie photos :o)

My kennel website are updatet with more puppie photos and some puppie photos I have to post here also 😛



I also ordered a lot of wool and fiber from Wollknoll (Germany) and from Spinnvilt (Norway). The largest order I send to Wollknoll, they are so cheap so it is easy to get a little bit to crazy when you send a order. So all my birthday money got to this two ordered.