Mataya dogs :o)

A photo collage of some of the puppies and my dogs 😛

Jack in Sweeden says hello, hi is my first export puppy 😀

Photo collage of the latest hat I have knitted in the along Huer for Luer 2009, that is arranged in


Yes, I am alive :o)

It has happen a lot since last bloging, I got some health problem that I am dealing with, but I don’t have so much energy so therefore either my blog ore website has got any high priority. It is not to serious, just high blood pressure and Diabetes 2. So I need to change how I eat, at least every 3-4 hour and maybe get some medicine to get my blood pressure down. Then hopefully I will be back with my normal energy level 🙂

The puppies are now 12 and 14 weeks old and except for Indigo, they all have new home and live happily with there new families.

I had a puppy gathering Sunday 8 november, so here is some photos of them. I have been spinning a lot, but since I begin with a new drop spindle when new fiber come in house, non of them are finished plyed and ready for knitting. But soooon, there will be wonderful handspun yarn to knit with.

I have else a Pomatomus sock on my knitting needle, will take photos of them when they are finish. Waiting on yarn to arrive to the DUSS2010, that is a along knitting sock true the year and I offer a sockyarn club, yeaah 😀

So until then,  have fun watching puppy photos 😛


Ups, some time since last bloging ;o)

Okey, yes I know it is a very long time since last bloging, don’t know where the time is going.

A lot of personal stuff has happen, some happy moments but also a lot of sad moments. But time do heal and we all learn to live our life further. I am not going to write about what has happen, but I am back again.

So what is happen know?
Pippi has got here puppies, Mikey is the proud father and they are now 10 days old.

You can read more on my website kennel Mataya about my dogs and puppies 😛

I have also uploaded new HK handdyed yarn to HK Spindles & Fiber, two of them are new types; HK Mookie that is Superwash merino wool and HK Blues that is Superwash Blue Face Leicester. I have also put the HK Batts to discount on 40%.

I have also knitted a little bit;

Mingus – a lovely patttern from Cookie A. Knitted in Yukon

Hurricane hat – that was the hat for July at Luer for huer a hat along that is on

Tiger Eye Lace shawl, given to a person that means a lot for me.
The yarn was handspun by me on one of my drop spindle from a fiber blend of he yarn is a blend of 70% suri alpaca, 20% mulberry silk, 10% cashmere.

So that was all for now, suddenly I will be back 😀

New member of the family has arrived.

Finally I could welcome Mikey home, it has been a long trip to get him here. Hi has traveled from Houston, Texas and I picked him up at Roadfeeders that are Continental shipping agent at Gardemoen.

Rabows Paparazzi at Mataya

Rabows Paparazzi at Mataya

I wish to thank Lil (Dacshoe) so much for getting me in contact with Melissa (Rabows), without here Mikey cold never have come here to me. In the long way I did not just get new breeder contact, but have found wonderful new friends not bad that all? Good friendship and hopefully Mikey will be a valued asset to my breeding lines 😛

Wish you all a Merry Christmas

Yeah, I know very long time since last bloging.

To take it short, the boys has left home, Mitch is staying in the family and are co-owned with Yngve that has his cousin Ricco.

I went to Germany on a company trip so visit Marcus Mühle a new dog food we have got at work, we also stranded there for 24 hours since the airport was closed down because of fog. Else, I can not recomand Ryan Air at all, bad customer service if they have some at all, and if you have bad back as I have, don’t fly with them.

I have been spinning and knitting as crazy to get finish all the christmas presents, the last one will be finish tomorrow.

Oh, and I am getting a drum carderin Christmas present, how cool is that? 😛

So, this was the short update, just one more thing



New photos of the puppies.

It is so much that is happen right now, but here is some photos of the puppies they are now 3 1/2 weeks old.


Uncle Charlie want to help with the washing :o)

Here I come.

Here I come.

Family time.

Family time.

I also finally take a photo of the wool and handspun yarn I got, from the Fiber Swap Club I have sign up for. Here is the lovely Polwarth wool and the handspun skein I got from allybabyknits 😛

fiber swap packet from allybabyknits

fiber swap packet from allybabyknits

Puppies, wool, knitting, handdyeing and more :o)

The puppies was 2 weeks old Thursday, they have now began to open there eyes so will take some new photos in the weekend. But here you have some photos of them 😛


Happt little guys :o)

Sleepy boys.

Sleepy boys.

I recived my swap packet from Tamara that has been my pal in the Fibery Goodness swap that are in Ravelry, I love the packet I got from here.

My fiber packet from Tamara

My fiber packet from Tamara

The fiber is some lovely Targhee, I have never tried Targhee before so that should be very exciting to try. There was a wonderful skein with superwash ultrasoft merino, both the handspun yarn and the fiber is hand dyed by Tamara. Werther’s candy and chocholate and a candle with a nice sent with sage & citrus in a candle cup.
Thank you so much for this wonderful packet, Tamara 😀

More wool has arrived, Polwarth that I  never have tried. I found a shop in Denmark that sell Polwarth, after reading about a Polwarth farm in Australia I was so curios. I can already know tell you that this fiber I defently will get in my shop. I also got more of Spelsay from Spinnvilt.





I wrote knitting in the heading, I am finish with the second BSJ.  Well it is not quite finish, I need to assemble the jacket. Want to doe a i-cord around and also need to buy some button. But here is it, the yarn is Knitpicks Bare merino&silk that I have hand dyed.

BSJ no 2

BSJ no 2

I can know show you the yarn I spun and hand dyed to Linda, my pal in the Fibery Goodness swap. The handspun yarn is of 16 mic merino and is hand dyed in orange and yellow that Linda wrote she liked. With the fiber that we should send 4 oz of, I send some of the merino&silk I have to sale in my web shop the colors are in orange.



3 boy puppies born :o)

This time it came just boys, I had hope for a girl to keep also. But maybe next time 😛

Two of the bosy are black/tan merle and one are black/tan, here are some photos of the little ones. You can also read on my kennel website  Mataya for more info about the pedigree, photos of puppies growing up.

Kelly's boys born 25 september

Kelly 3 boys born 25 september

I also change the BSJ jacket, so I knitted longer sleeves on the jacket.

BSJ with longer sleeves

BSJ with longer sleeves

What a great weekend :o)

After some dissapointing show results, Kelly rely had here day in the show ground at Prestøya Elverum show on Saturday 9th august.

She became Best of Breed and for me the most important, she got the last Certificate she needes. Now I just need to get the blood out of the freezer and train here, she need one more min. 2.price in working merits to became Show Champion. But wow, I am so happy, typical me when it was a time since we last did it so well, I forgot most of the show rules and was just happy for the last Certificate she needed. Becaming Best of Breed was just greeeaaaaat, my Kelly was the best longhair zwerg that day.

I also had Charlie and Pippi with me, Charlie won his class but know CK/ res. CC to get further. It was rainy and Charlie got a blushy coat, that the jugde comment. Pippi I don’t know rely what hi did not like with here, I personly think she is better then here mother. But that is show and judges.

Despite of a lot of waiting, some rain I had a great time. Meeting up with other dachs show people and there was dachs people from my own club.

The kids and I stayed and old Grundset Camping, where Eva a lovely dachs friend lend me here caravan.

So this was the bragging part, now I have to start working again. I dyed some tussah&wool tops before the weekend, so they are dry know and I am going to braid them and take photos. I like the result very much, taken care of some order coming in and put together the spinning class,