3 boy puppies born :o)

This time it came just boys, I had hope for a girl to keep also. But maybe next time 😛

Two of the bosy are black/tan merle and one are black/tan, here are some photos of the little ones. You can also read on my kennel website  Mataya for more info about the pedigree, photos of puppies growing up.

Kelly's boys born 25 september

Kelly 3 boys born 25 september

I also change the BSJ jacket, so I knitted longer sleeves on the jacket.

BSJ with longer sleeves

BSJ with longer sleeves

Kelly are in labor, one puppie are born.

It has been busy night, Kelly has been out about every hour so I tried to sleep whenevery I could, since I knew that the puppie would be born within 48 hour.

14:52 the first boy was born, hi is black/tan merle and the weight is 300 gram.

More updatets later 😛

What a great weekend :o)

After some dissapointing show results, Kelly rely had here day in the show ground at Prestøya Elverum show on Saturday 9th august.

She became Best of Breed and for me the most important, she got the last Certificate she needes. Now I just need to get the blood out of the freezer and train here, she need one more min. 2.price in working merits to became Show Champion. But wow, I am so happy, typical me when it was a time since we last did it so well, I forgot most of the show rules and was just happy for the last Certificate she needed. Becaming Best of Breed was just greeeaaaaat, my Kelly was the best longhair zwerg that day.

I also had Charlie and Pippi with me, Charlie won his class but know CK/ res. CC to get further. It was rainy and Charlie got a blushy coat, that the jugde comment. Pippi I don’t know rely what hi did not like with here, I personly think she is better then here mother. But that is show and judges.

Despite of a lot of waiting, some rain I had a great time. Meeting up with other dachs show people and there was dachs people from my own club.

The kids and I stayed and old Grundset Camping, where Eva a lovely dachs friend lend me here caravan.

So this was the bragging part, now I have to start working again. I dyed some tussah&wool tops before the weekend, so they are dry know and I am going to braid them and take photos. I like the result very much, taken care of some order coming in and put together the spinning class,

Fiber and spinning joy arrived in the mail box.

Yiah, I am in spinning heaven, just bad that I can’t use them on spinning before I totally finish with my firms accounting. But I can show what I got Thursday in my mail box:

From left, it is blue BFL, the other three skeins are merino&silk 50% all fiber are from Fiber artist. Bought at Garnkorgen – Sweeden. The two spindles are not new, but I had to try to spin the fiber at once I got the fiber 😛

Corridale&soy batts from Yarn Spider, new fiber for me. So I am excited to try.

White BFL tops, Fino baby alpaca yarn from Alpaca with a Twist, double row hand combs from Louet and Beth The Spinning Loft had also send sample of angora tops, that is the white little tops to the right. The red fiber is a sample off merino&tencel from Ashland bay. Thank you Beth.

For a long time, I have look at Knitzi trying to decied if I like it ore not. So in the end I just needed to buy one and try, I love it. Yes, it is bigger then the other knitting needles case I have, but my new Harmony Woods I want to protect 😀

I have knitted a hat for a friend of mine, it is from my own handspun yarn in merino. The merino I got from Nicole in a swap I joined at Raverly.

Presenting Mataya’s Golf Lima that will stay in the kennel 😛

Latest news spinning and more drop spindle.

Fiber of the month in march was Easter Parade and is merino, since I wanted to keep the colors in the fiber I navaho plyed the yarn.

Wool: Merino from Fiber of the month Chameleon Colorworks
Weight: ap. 113 gram / 4 ounce.
Length: 348,70 m / 381,33 yards
WPI: 19 WPI – Fingerweigth

I have bought a new drop spindle, this time I wanted to try a other type then Bosworth. So from Beth The Spinning Loft I bought a Lacewood Tabachek spindle, I was so ager to begin to spin with it that I forgot to take photos with the yarn on 😀
So here is a photo of the drop spindle with the finish yarn, I spun up some leftover with hand dyed merino 16 mic and spun it as a lace weight yarn.

So what doe I think about Tabachek? I love the design it is so beautiful scarved and spin very good, but still I am in love with my Bossies – they spin longer 8)

It is also more quiet in the house, 3 of the puppies has left to there new owners. 2 girls are again, Wilma to the left are staying here for while before she go to here new home and Lima to the right is staying with me.

Some knitting done.

After the puppies was moved done in the living room, I have not been spinning so much. With 5 puppies running and playing, I know from earliere experince that the spinning wheel will be very attemted to play and bit one.

But I did a lot of spinning before the puppie moved done, mostly white angora and other soft fiber that I will start to doe some dyeing soon.

Here is what I am finish with of knitting:

This hat I have knitted from some navahoe plyed handspun yarn, the fiber is Sherino and Alpaca I got from Allena.

Finish with another My So Called Scarf, it is knitted from the hand dyeing Sulka I did for a while ago.

I also have knitted some baby booties in angora and a headband from the leftovers I had from the hat. Photos are coming.

I got some new doggy fleece blanket and just left it in the hall. Charlie found them and had to try them at once, hi remind me of the story to HC Andersen; The Princess on the Pea.

I have also posted a lot of new photos of the puppies on my kennel website; Mataya.

Look what came in the mail box today.

I know it is a long time since last posting, it is so busy with the puppies and I have been sick the last week.

This weekend it was the first dog show for this year, the results was okey. 3 of Kelly’s kids was on the show, Pippi that I co-own with Nina and Marius, Frida owned by Anne and Munti owned by Hildur. They all got 1.price in quality and Honor Price not bad at all.

But back to what arrived in my mail box today, a box from Cathy and two packets from my very good dachs friend in UK Jane.

Cathy is my pal in The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and wow, look at here what she send me 😛
Gorgeous hand dyed superwash merino from The Unique Sheep, that she had hand dyed in Ultramarine colors. I love it, it is so my colors. Knitpicks Bare 70% merino wool, 30% silk that I can dye my self. That yarn is so soft, yummie. Cathy send not just 1 pattern, but 3 patterns. It is Spirogyra mittens, lace Ribbon Scarf and Pomatomus socks pattern.
Burt’s Bees Essential Body Kit and a lot of Lifesavers, did someone know that I love Livesavers 😆 Jellybeans and this cute little sheep. Cathy had also knitted Paper Nautilus Shell as you can see between the lovely notepad set and the card she send me.


Close up photos of the gorgeous yarn 😀
and photos of the cute sheep bear 😛
In the packet Jane send me with gorgeous wool from The Alpaca Spinner, she had knitted some cute slippers and a beautiful scarf to me. It was also some very important stuff in the packet, Spatone yiha. Know I maybe get my energy back again, that stuff is incredible.



I will post some photos of the puppies tomorrow, today was there first day out 😀