How much can you spin on a mini Bossie?

Well I am sure that you can get more on, but after 66 gram I gave up – I did not have patience to more.

So on my mini Bubinga 22 gram, I got 66 gram with cormo&soy a gorgeous blend with 50/50%. After plyed the yarn it is 252,6 meter and yes, I have got a new fiber favorite, Cormo is just yummie soft 😛

So how much yarn can you mini Bossie take?


Latest news spinning and more drop spindle.

Fiber of the month in march was Easter Parade and is merino, since I wanted to keep the colors in the fiber I navaho plyed the yarn.

Wool: Merino from Fiber of the month Chameleon Colorworks
Weight: ap. 113 gram / 4 ounce.
Length: 348,70 m / 381,33 yards
WPI: 19 WPI – Fingerweigth

I have bought a new drop spindle, this time I wanted to try a other type then Bosworth. So from Beth The Spinning Loft I bought a Lacewood Tabachek spindle, I was so ager to begin to spin with it that I forgot to take photos with the yarn on 😀
So here is a photo of the drop spindle with the finish yarn, I spun up some leftover with hand dyed merino 16 mic and spun it as a lace weight yarn.

So what doe I think about Tabachek? I love the design it is so beautiful scarved and spin very good, but still I am in love with my Bossies – they spin longer 8)

It is also more quiet in the house, 3 of the puppies has left to there new owners. 2 girls are again, Wilma to the left are staying here for while before she go to here new home and Lima to the right is staying with me.

Jippi, i går kom Bosworth håndteinene, / Juhu, yesterday my Bosworth drop spindles come.

Det er en stund siden jeg har fått skrevet i bloggen, det har vært travelt. Men, siste nytt er at i går kom Bosworth håndteinene mine. I dag har jeg fått spunnet med de, de er bare helt fantastiske å spinne med.

Yesterday, my Bosworth drop spindles came, they are just gorgous to spin with. I am totaly in love with Bosworth drop spindles 🙂