Here’s the news, fiber batt club is open :o)

I have updatet my webshop with a lot of batts and some hand dyed tops and also I have not open for a batt club, I hope that my fellow spinner will like the club.

As you can see, I have finnaly understand how I can make mosaci with flick. So here come another mosaic made from the hand dyed wool tops I sell.

I have got to new angora bunnies from Bente (Litleskare angora), shi is slowing down with the bunnies and I had place for 2. So here is my two new boys, Gråpus and Kid. I named Kid up after Billy the kid, I mean I have a Billy so why not a Kid?

I sign up for the hat along at Hobbyboden, that Kiwa and Tittei are arranging. For January you could choose between The Boy Hat and Let it Snow, I did not like the last one so much so therefore I knitted The Boy Hat.
I used Karaoke and needle size 4,5 mm, I love knit with Karaoke and had hope to buy more before it was empty at To Damer. May are selling out Karaoke, but after reading Anette’s blog I so that I did not needed to take a trip out, to bad for me – but maybe good for my pocket 😛

But eitherway, here is a photo of the second hat I knitted of The Boy Hat, I have also a third on the needles.

Stian with his new boy hat

Stian with his new boy hat

The model and owner of the new hat is Stian, Connie and I was invited to dinner from Dorte and Stian is here boyfriend. Dorte got a Calometry, but I forgot to take a photos of it.

Actually I forgot to take photos of all the handmade christmas gift I made last year, typical me 😀


Wool arrived and dyeing fiber.

Since I thought it would be boring to just sell white and finished dyed fiber, I started to dye again. Here is 5 tops I dyed, it is 2 tops with Falkland, 2 tops with BFL and 1 tops with Optim. The last one I am not satisfied with, since the Optim was not dyed in the middle.

Winter Berry – Falkand tops

Winter Land – Falkland tops

Berry – BLF tops

Grape – BFL tops

Spring – Optim

Except for the Optim, they other hand dyed tops will be put out for sale when my web shop is up and running, hopefully soon. But Beau are excused, hi and Allena got a new family member June 18 😛

Today there come also in wool, a lot is white since I will sell hand dyed fiber. Have fun looking at the photos 😀

Grey merino.


16 and 18 mic merino, yummie.

Wensleydale, La Plata and Tussah&Wool.

Merino&Mulberry and Merino&Tussah.

Space fine merino.

Here is the 2 drop spindle Allena send me, it is a gemstone and a wooden one she make. I will have this for sale in my shop also.

Gemstone spindle the yarn is spun from a batt Allena send me.

Wooden spindle from Allena, I used that one to spin and ply the yarn.

More spindle and Figgy Pudding arrived.

April fiber of the month club from Chameleon Colorworks was Figgy Pudding, I like this color much more then Easter Parade. Light pastels colors are not my favorite, but this is how it is to be member for a fiber club.

Here is photos of Figgy Pudding, it is BFL.

I also got my new Bosworth spindles, it is Red Cedar midi 20 gram and Zebrawood mini 17 gram.

I love them, I have already spin on round finish and ply Corridale with the midi Red Cedar spindle 😀

Fiber and spinning joy arrived in the mail box.

Yiah, I am in spinning heaven, just bad that I can’t use them on spinning before I totally finish with my firms accounting. But I can show what I got Thursday in my mail box:

From left, it is blue BFL, the other three skeins are merino&silk 50% all fiber are from Fiber artist. Bought at Garnkorgen – Sweeden. The two spindles are not new, but I had to try to spin the fiber at once I got the fiber 😛

Corridale&soy batts from Yarn Spider, new fiber for me. So I am excited to try.

White BFL tops, Fino baby alpaca yarn from Alpaca with a Twist, double row hand combs from Louet and Beth The Spinning Loft had also send sample of angora tops, that is the white little tops to the right. The red fiber is a sample off merino&tencel from Ashland bay. Thank you Beth.

For a long time, I have look at Knitzi trying to decied if I like it ore not. So in the end I just needed to buy one and try, I love it. Yes, it is bigger then the other knitting needles case I have, but my new Harmony Woods I want to protect 😀

I have knitted a hat for a friend of mine, it is from my own handspun yarn in merino. The merino I got from Nicole in a swap I joined at Raverly.

Presenting Mataya’s Golf Lima that will stay in the kennel 😛

Birthday, drop spindle, fiber.

Tuesday I had knittingbirthday party as always it was a great party, look what I got from the girls 😀

From Tittei, Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn 😛

From Lises, Regia silk and Austeman sock yarn 😛

From Synne, Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn 😛

From Anette, Noro Sock yarn and soft white Bouton d’Our 😛

From Stillow, Fabel sock yarn 😛

From nsalsmo, more soft lovely white Bouton o’Dour baby alpaca

It was a great knitting birthday party 😀

I have also orded some new drop spindle from Bosworth, but since I would like to have them with walnut shaft it will take a little while before they arrive. So when I look at Spinnulla’s webshop and so the Greensleeves Vixen – Tulipwood 19 gram I had to try one of them, I gave Wenche the owner to Spinnulla some shipping tips and look how nice and lovely she is. I could choose 100 gram with what wool/fiber I wanted, of course I had to accept that gift 😛
I choosed Bambus Aegean, the color are gorgeous and the softness in this bambus are so soft.

Since I took a photo in the evening, the colors are not quite right. Look here for the correct color.

and here is the Greensleeves Vixen – Tulipwood 19 gram 8) the fiber is merino&silk blend from Highland Cottage.

More fiber coming in the mail.

Beth, my secret pal from Fiber Frenzy own The Spinning Loft and when I wanted to buy more of the gorgeous super soft baby alpaca from Handspinners dream it was naturally for me to contact Beth.
I also wanted to try some Karaoke, To Damer had got in Karaoke yarn but it is a little bit to thick for me. Knitting with 4,5 mm ore 5mm is quick, but I wanted thinner yarn so the only solution is to spin it myself.
Then I wonder if she also had some Soysilk and black bamboo from SWTC, I got some more fiber then I was suppose to 😛

Since I also Beth about sparkling fiber and silk cocoon my next spinning project, guess who was happy when Beth had put 3 different type of sparkling fiber in the box and some silk cocoon. So know I also have to try degum them.

Here is the fiber:

Light grey and white baby alpaca

Black bamboo and white soy silk

Karaoke mermaide and white

Sparkling fiber sample and silk coccon

Sirri lace yarn from Færøyene are a yarn I have wanted to try for some time, it is naturally and the lanolin is in the wool.
sirri wool

Ellie is know 7 1/2 weeks know, and she is big.

It is show to the weekend, first show this year so Pippi arrived today. Wow, it is long time since I have seem here know and it is not nice to brag, since she is from my own breeding. But, yes I am very satisfied with here confirmation and temperament 😛


Time for some bloging again.

Yes, I know some times since last bloging, but to be frankly I have no time since I need to get all the accounting done for my my firm. Coming back from holiday to work, I see know why it is important to have a backup that function since my client arkiv is also gone. Lucky enough I have a very good memory on how they are in the health program.

But that was the boring stuff, no over to what I have done and before I forget it Happy New year to you all 😛

Yesterday there come a great packet from Peggy, she is one of my good spinner pal that live in US. Before christmas Peggy and I was talking about candy, and then I suddenly remember that Cousins Candy shop that make Salt Watetaffy have a online store. Cousins Candy Shop has a store in Old Town San Diego, where Anita and I was there in 2007. I think you already guess where I want, yes I love the taffy they make. So then I order some for Peggy since she is so kind getting everything I want for me and of course some to me 🙂 I also get a hang on Lifesaver and they are just sold in US, so Peggy bought some bags for me. I would be very happy for just a couple of bag with sweets, but WOW she bought 6 bags for me 😛 There was also 6 skeins from the Limited edition to Tofutsies, thank you so much for all the help Peggy, you are just great 🙂


I have also get some spinning done, here is some yarn that is 50% Collie (dog) and 50% of 18 mic white merino.


Wool: The Collie wool is from Grete’s blue merle, she is working at the same center for dogs that I doe. The 18 mic merino is from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 545 gram / ap. 19 ounce.
WPI: 20

I hope she will be happy with this yarn.

I also got more stuff from US, last autum I sign up for Chameleon Colorworks fiber of the month club. But unfortuanelly the roving never came, when I emailed the new owner and explan what had happen. She offered to send me new rovings at once, and look at this gorgours roving she send me. It is Optim, that I am very excited to try since I have never spin it and other spinners say it is a difficult fiber to spin. It is made from australain Merino in a special process and have silky touch feeling and style.


Thank you so much for a great service, Nancy. I am looking forward to you start up the fiber club again.

Last year I sign up for some spinner and wool swap at Ravelry, here is what I got from Nicole in Germany. A wonderful merino tops, dyed in different shades of green, Wollmeise sock yarn that I have heard much about, goodies for the dogs, bunnies and myself.
What a great swap packet t 🙂

swap packet from Nicole

Here is what I send to my pal in Denmark, Gitte. I forgot to take a photo of all of the item, but photos of chocolate are not so fun.
swap packet to Gitte
and some handpainted sock yarn, the yarn is white Fabel I dyed with Jaquard acid dyes. But I forgot to take photos of the yarn, if you want to see photos of it. You can see it here on Gitte,s blog.

I am finish spinning the merino I got from Nicole and here is the result.
merino batts from Nicole

and after ;
lace yarn, merino tops from Nicole

Wool: Dyed Merino
Weight: ap. 113 gram / 4 ounce
WPI: 25

And last a photo of the lace yarn in 18 mic merino from Wollknoll, that I have plyed. You can see the difference in the plying bobbin to Majacraft to the regular ones.


Yes, I know back to weekly bloging :o)

There is so much to do no at days, but I have not been on lazy. So here is what I have finish and working in progress.

Merino and Cashmere


Fiber: 16 mic merino and cashmere, both from Wollknoll
Weight: 1.69 ounces / 48 gram

Hand dyed angora&silk blend and 100% angora


Fiber: Mulberry silk from Wollknoll and angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The purple angora&silk blend; 2.22 ounce / 63 gram
The blue angora yarn; 1.94 ounce / 55 gram
30 – 32
Dyeing product: Jacquard acid dyes

Wildgrey and white angora


Fiber: Angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The wildgrey is 1.76 ounce / 50 gram
The white is 0.9 ounce / 25 gram
30 – 34

Navahoe plyed


Fiber: Shetland from Jerome and alpaca – Allena send me this lovely rovings. Spindle and Wheel
Weight: 4.13 ounce / 117 gram

Baby alpaca on the bobbin


Fiber: This is the gorgeous baby alpaca I got from Beth in the Fiber frenzy swap

I have also knitted, here is the feather and fan shawl in 100% angora and My so Called Scarf in merino&silk blend finish.


To the sales marked I got knitting help from Ina and Monika, here is some photos that they knitted from my handspun angora yarn.

This is a hat Monika has crochet from the hand dyed angora yarn, I did for a while ago.

and here is a a couple of wristlets that Ina knitted for me, I like this pattern very good and will knit more of them.

I have got cashmere, yiah :o))

This has been a crapy weekend and a happy weekend. The crapy part was the sales marked, it was very low sale. So either Bente ore me are going to attend to this marked next year.

But the happy part was that yesterday, Pippi the bitch puppy I own with Nina and Marius was on a puppy show. First I got a call that Pippe became Best in Show puppy, then later in the group finale she became 2. Best in Group. Guess who was a happy kennel mom 😛

Since Nina did not had camera with here, her is a older photos of here.

I also got to pick up my parcel from Wollknoll today, it arrived already on last Monday. But for some reason Tollpost Globe, did not give a note on my door. So for a week now the parcel has been stored there. Since I no know that the rutine is not good enough for letting me know if I am not home,  next time I will have the tracking number from Wollknoll and can follow where the parcel is in the system.

So here it is :p the mulberry and tussah silk is to Bente, I have still enough of the both of the silk types. But look, yummie 1 kg of merino 16 mic and 1 kg of cashmere.


Very long update.

Well, it is a good time since my last blogging, it has been so much to doe with both work and in the weekends.

There is so many photos in the posting, so they are show in thumbnail. Just click at them to see them larger, there you can also read the text.

So we begin with the latest news:

I have bought MBT sandals to use at work and free time, they are rely good to go with. Just need a time to get used to them, the first time I got dizzie.


Luckly enough this weekend I had totaly free and that was good, so it was a weekend with a lot of resting, tidy the house and more relaxing 🙂

Last thursday I took Ellie and Charlie with my to the Hundehelsesenteret, it was time for swimming traning. Poor Charlie had never swim before at all, so well I think Charlies’s expression talk for themself 😛





Wednesday it was time for knitting quild again, this time it was Cruzidull who was the hostess. For some reason the Bergenslady don’t want to have there photos on the blog. So here is some photos of the gorgous cat Cruzidull has, I don’t quite remember the correct breed name. But was something with Rex, and that coat was so soft and marvelous. Wish it could have been longer, then it would be wonderful to spin of 🙂 Cruzidull had also got a new digital camera earlier this summer, so I just had to take a photos of here.



Then last weekend Norwegian Angora had there annual summer gathering here in Bergen, I had class in food dyeing. The dyeing results was gorgoeus, I also carded up some of the tops I had dyed earliere. It was also very nice to meet people that I just had chat ore emailed with, hoping to join next years gathering also.



reidung-hand-dyeing.jpgfood-dyeing.jpg anne-berit.jpg



The whole gang, thank you guys for a great weekend 😛

Here is the tops I carded up, that I had dyed fora little while ago.

And here it is finish spin and Navahoe plyed:

I was going to post some photos from the NKK Trondheim dog show, Merete (kennel T-Bob), Anne and I went to. But when I checked the photo map, I had not prepped them yet. So I will put out a link here when I have made the show how trip report on my kennel webpage 🙂