Here’s the news, fiber batt club is open :o)

I have updatet my webshop with a lot of batts and some hand dyed tops and also I have not open for a batt club, I hope that my fellow spinner will like the club.

As you can see, I have finnaly understand how I can make mosaci with flick. So here come another mosaic made from the hand dyed wool tops I sell.

I have got to new angora bunnies from Bente (Litleskare angora), shi is slowing down with the bunnies and I had place for 2. So here is my two new boys, Gråpus and Kid. I named Kid up after Billy the kid, I mean I have a Billy so why not a Kid?

I sign up for the hat along at Hobbyboden, that Kiwa and Tittei are arranging. For January you could choose between The Boy Hat and Let it Snow, I did not like the last one so much so therefore I knitted The Boy Hat.
I used Karaoke and needle size 4,5 mm, I love knit with Karaoke and had hope to buy more before it was empty at To Damer. May are selling out Karaoke, but after reading Anette’s blog I so that I did not needed to take a trip out, to bad for me – but maybe good for my pocket 😛

But eitherway, here is a photo of the second hat I knitted of The Boy Hat, I have also a third on the needles.

Stian with his new boy hat

Stian with his new boy hat

The model and owner of the new hat is Stian, Connie and I was invited to dinner from Dorte and Stian is here boyfriend. Dorte got a Calometry, but I forgot to take a photos of it.

Actually I forgot to take photos of all the handmade christmas gift I made last year, typical me 😀


3 boy puppies born :o)

This time it came just boys, I had hope for a girl to keep also. But maybe next time 😛

Two of the bosy are black/tan merle and one are black/tan, here are some photos of the little ones. You can also read on my kennel website  Mataya for more info about the pedigree, photos of puppies growing up.

Kelly's boys born 25 september

Kelly 3 boys born 25 september

I also change the BSJ jacket, so I knitted longer sleeves on the jacket.

BSJ with longer sleeves

BSJ with longer sleeves

My first EZ Baby Surprice Jacket are finish!

My first Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprice Jacket are finished, it is also true it is very addicted. Know that I have finished my first one and broken the knitting code, I am ready to my next one 😛

Baby Surprice Jacket

Baby Surprice Jacket

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann – Baby Surprice Jackiet.
Source: DVD EZ Baby Surprice Jacket with Meg Swansen.
Yarn: Knitpicks – Gosammer (discounted).
Colors: Carribean
Amount: 65 gram
Knitting needles: Knit Picks Harmony Wood interchangeable, 3.5 mm
Buttons: Bought at To Damer

Creative blogger.

I have got a award from Dolci, thank you so much. Creative blogger, so now I have to write a little bit to show that I have been creative 8)

But first I have to give this award further to 4 other, this is so difficult. Since there is so many wonderful creative blogger around in the blog world. So therefore I give this award to all your creative blogger.

I have been spinning up the Corridale I bought from Spinnvilt, BFL&Sherino from Allena, angora&cashmere, merino&cashmere, angora and BFL. Since all of this skeins was white, I decided to doe some dyeing 😛 Some of this skeins are spun on my Little Gem II and the rest on the drop spindles.

The skeins are hanging to dry.

Wool: BFL&Sherino from Allena
Weight: 288 gram / ap. 10 ounce.
Length: 414,83 m / 453,67 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s

Wool: Corriedale from Spinnvilt.
Weight: 100 gram / ap. 3,5 ounce.
Length: 167,63 m / 184,33 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s and easter egg dyes.

Wool: Angora&Cashmere 3 ply.
Weight: 72 gram / ap. 2,5 ounce.
Length: 161,24 m / 176,33 yards
Dyed with Easter egg dyes.

Wool: Angora 100%
Weight: 141 gram / ap. 4,9 ounce.
Length: 410,87 m / 449,33 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s black.

Wool: Merino & Cashmere
Weight: 36 gram / ap. 1,3 ounce.
Length: 145,70 m / 159,33 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s black.

The lace socks are finised, my first english pattern; Fiber Trends – Lupine Lace sock pattern.

I have also finally started on Pretty as a Peacock Shawl, this is my first lace shawl. English pattern and not the most easy on, so I wonder what I am thinking on and to be honost. I have already knitted wrong two times, I thought I was finish with chart B. Then I was missing 5 stictes and took up a lot of rows, then I started again. But when I check the pattern, I so that something was wrong and yes, oh dear. I had began on the wrong row, so I just had to take up all the rows and start again from row 46. But know I have control again :mrgreen:

Wish me good knitting luck on my following journey 😛

Here is the Merino&Silk blend from Fiber fleece artist I bought from Garnkorga in Sweeden, the quality for that price is not worth it. The wool had felted a little bit so it was small neps in and therefore I am not satsfied over the quality. Here is the photo of the yarn.

Oh, I almost forgot to write about the most important news, I have got a new drop spindle. A Kundert Birdseye Maple, Wenge, Zebra on Walnut Whorl, I love it. Despite of the weight, it is 1 oz it don’t feel so heavy at all. It is in very good balance and spin forever, I have got a new spindle in my favorite collection.

And some secret news; HK Spindles & Fiber what is that? Stay tune more will come soon 😆

Some knitting done.

After the puppies was moved done in the living room, I have not been spinning so much. With 5 puppies running and playing, I know from earliere experince that the spinning wheel will be very attemted to play and bit one.

But I did a lot of spinning before the puppie moved done, mostly white angora and other soft fiber that I will start to doe some dyeing soon.

Here is what I am finish with of knitting:

This hat I have knitted from some navahoe plyed handspun yarn, the fiber is Sherino and Alpaca I got from Allena.

Finish with another My So Called Scarf, it is knitted from the hand dyeing Sulka I did for a while ago.

I also have knitted some baby booties in angora and a headband from the leftovers I had from the hat. Photos are coming.

I got some new doggy fleece blanket and just left it in the hall. Charlie found them and had to try them at once, hi remind me of the story to HC Andersen; The Princess on the Pea.

I have also posted a lot of new photos of the puppies on my kennel website; Mataya.

Spinning and knitting.

Finish with some lace yarn I have been spinning, I love spinning lace but it takes it’s time.

Here is merino:


Wool: 18 mic merino from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 83 gram / ap. 3 ounce.
Length: 412 m / 450.50 yards
WPI: 46

Doe you think this was thin? 😛 just wait to I tell you about Optim, hi hi.

I begin to spin the Optim Nancy – Chameleon Colorworks send me, she told me to predraft it lightly then it would spin like butter. She has right, it spin like butter – I love it. But it is also so easy to spin lace, to easy because if the 18 mic merino is 46 WPI I wonder what this will be since one single tread is thinner.


It has also done some knitting, May that is the LYS owner at To Damer are now selling yarn from SWTC and I bought some Karaoke. That is 50% soysilk and 50% wool, it is very soft and wonderful to knit with. I was going to knit My So Called Scarf pattern, but the yarn is a single tread so it fluzz up very easy. So then I just knit 1 k and 1 p, it was enough with 3 skeins since I used 40 sts.
I gave the scarf as a birthday present to my sister, as you can see I was not quite finish so I knitted it finish at the party 😛

Ellie is know 6 weeks pregnant and she is beginning to be big 🙂


More handspun yarn, baby booties and fingerless mittens.

On the last bloging you can see the photos of the merino yarn that is on the plying bobbin, now I have skein it.

It is 3 skein with white merino;

Wool: 18 mic merino from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 330 gram / ap. 11,60 ounce.
Length: 619.50 m / 677.50 yards
WPI: 15-17

Baby booties are great to make, when you have some leftover.

The white baby booties is made from my lace cashmere/merino yarn I spun, they doe miss ribbon band. They just weigh 14 gram 😛

I love Christine’s baby booties pattern, I change them a little bit and they are knitted of some left overs in koolaid hand dyed angora yarn. The weight are just 16 gram.
koolaid baby booties ch

A couple of fingerless mittens, the white is knitted in lace cashmere/merino yarn.
cashmere/merino on the handmerino-cashmere-mittens.jpg

This couple is knitted of some yarn I over dyed last year.fiberblend.jpg


I also started with the Oct/Nov Tofutsies Fiddlesticks Socks, it is from the limited edition. It is the first time I knit with Tofutsies, it is rely lovely and soft to knit with.


Yes, I know back to weekly bloging :o)

There is so much to do no at days, but I have not been on lazy. So here is what I have finish and working in progress.

Merino and Cashmere


Fiber: 16 mic merino and cashmere, both from Wollknoll
Weight: 1.69 ounces / 48 gram

Hand dyed angora&silk blend and 100% angora


Fiber: Mulberry silk from Wollknoll and angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The purple angora&silk blend; 2.22 ounce / 63 gram
The blue angora yarn; 1.94 ounce / 55 gram
30 – 32
Dyeing product: Jacquard acid dyes

Wildgrey and white angora


Fiber: Angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The wildgrey is 1.76 ounce / 50 gram
The white is 0.9 ounce / 25 gram
30 – 34

Navahoe plyed


Fiber: Shetland from Jerome and alpaca – Allena send me this lovely rovings. Spindle and Wheel
Weight: 4.13 ounce / 117 gram

Baby alpaca on the bobbin


Fiber: This is the gorgeous baby alpaca I got from Beth in the Fiber frenzy swap

I have also knitted, here is the feather and fan shawl in 100% angora and My so Called Scarf in merino&silk blend finish.


To the sales marked I got knitting help from Ina and Monika, here is some photos that they knitted from my handspun angora yarn.

This is a hat Monika has crochet from the hand dyed angora yarn, I did for a while ago.

and here is a a couple of wristlets that Ina knitted for me, I like this pattern very good and will knit more of them.

Yes, I know some times since latest bloging.

But there is so much to do this days and my health are not the best also, so what has happen since last bloging?

Last Monday I had the «Bergen knitting lady’s» here, a new idea we have no is to have a swap. This time after voting we had a swap with sock yarn and secret pattern, this is what I got from Irenetur lovely green Opal and English pattern 😛


So what am I else doing, well I am finish with 3 long wristlets knitted in the angora yarn I hand dyed with Wilton’s leaf green and black.


Also finish with plying white angora&silk, ready to wind up. One bobbin finish with wildgrey angora, one more to go before plying.



I also ball wind the English angora yarn I was finish with for a while ago, this wool was bought from Leah in Michigan.

I measured the yarn it is 4.06 ounce and 550 yards, this is what I have begin to knit; a shawl in feather and fan.


I know that is not good of my to have a favorite dog, but I must admit Charlie is my special boy 🙂


Just take a look at him, are you not agree?

Knitpicks has arrived, thank you Allena :o)

I am so lucky to have good friends like Allena in US, she send me what I want from Knitpicks.  You are just great Allena, thank you so much fot the help.
First come a big envelope yesterday and the other come today:


Chaos at my dining table, trying to find out who is what item 😉


And some control in all the madness, Kicki has already pick up here item’s. Ore well I found some circular needles after she had gone, that I thought was not coming 😛


I was very curious on what I had order, since I must admit I had forgot it. I should not admit it, but I got a surprise hi hi, for this is my items had totally forgot that I had order the yarn 😛


and I also got this book, it was alright but after reading other spinners feedback. I was a little disappointed, I had hoped for more technique.


Something I doe regret in, was that I did not order more of the wonderful Harmony Woods knitting needles. No they are so sold out, they doe get it in again. But sell so fast out again, that it seems it can take times before I can get the one I want.

Yesterday I Dyveke had knitting birthday party, I gave here two skein from the new Mirasol series Hacho hand-dyed merino; Peacock purple.

I had a lovely evening, Tittei also learned to how to knit My So Called Scarf. I am knitting the scarf in some of my own hand-spun yarn, it is Australian merino with silk in it. Very funny to knit and not so difficult that I thought it would be. Here is a link to the technique.


Here is also some photos of what I am finish with, ore well the baby booties miss there little ribbon.

Long wrist-lets knitted in the angora yarn I dyed in Wilton’s black.

This is the last baby booties I am knitting from this pattern, I find them to boring to knit ore the truth is that it is the sew part I don’t like.