Show weekend.

This weekend is the last show for Charlie and Kelly, Pippi the puppie bitch I have one co-ownership attend to here first puppy show.

For some reason I am not good today, so when I came on the show ground I was exhausted of unknown reason. Charlie is very sensitive on how I am, so don’t know if that was the reason that hi didn’t show so good that he use to. But Kelly did it very well, she became 2. Best bitch and got the certificate 🙂

Pippi became 2. Best puppy bitch, she had some fuzz on the table. But she is just 6 month old and this was Nina and Pippi first show ever.

Tomorrow is a new day, the rest of the day I am going to just relax and hope I am in better shape tomorrow.

I am also finish with the baby socks to my nephew Erik, it is hand dyed and handspun of angora, silk&merino. I am very satisfied with the dye job.


Knitted some baby booties of the hand dyed angora yarn.

Well, since it just was 24 gram with hand dyed angora yarn, I need a small project. The pattern is a old pattern, that was published in a magazine in Denmark in 1945.  I need to change the pattern to my yarn, that is the next project. But I thought they where a little bit cute 😛

I liked how the stripes come alone very much, so I am going to dye some more angora yarn in the same way. But have longer stripes of each colours.

p6200008.jpg p6200009.jpg

Long update.

It is already june 9 and much has happen since last updatet. So here is a quick (long) update 🙂
The last weekend I went with Charlie and Kelly on dog show in Drammen, it was just Charlie that was going to the show. Hi showed like hi always doe, hi is a fun dog to show in the ring. But unfortuanelly his was to big around his chest so both day we went out with a 2 KVAL, I have for a while put him on a diet but hi still has some gram he can loose.

But we had a nice weekend, meet up with one of my puppie buyer that has Charlie and Kelly’s litter brother; Garvin. She had help me with finding hotel room, it was about 20 min outside Oslo. But I prefer to live in the country part, where I can walk with the dogs around a little lake then live in Oslo city at hotel.  It was very nice to see both Nina and Garvin again, long time no since last time. Charlie thougt that Garvin was fun and begin to play with him, so it was not so easi to take a good photos of them. But here is at least one photo.

I have also had a little time to spin, so here is one skein finish with the collie wool I got from Grethe. It is from a blue merle collie, unfortuanelly I can’t keep the yarn. I am spinning on commision for Grethe, that have plan to knit up a sweather in 100% collie wool.

For a while ago I took a shopping round at Ikea, I needed to have some basket to have my wool and yarn in. And this two look like a perferct idea, but wen I come home I so a little bit closer on them when I came home and it did not have a zipper around like I thought.
But they are alright, and as you can see in the blue one the yarn I shop on Spar Kjoep today is perferctly placed in the basket. Spar Kjoep, has sales on the yarn and I need soon to begin to knit more winebasket.

When I was out to shop at To Damer, I so this pattern and thougt it was so nice so I bought it.

Kicki had birthday party this wednesday and she is a fabolous hostess, so much good to eat. Lises, Irenetur, Fru Fryds Gleder, Kiwa and myself gave Kicki Mirasol in different color and Knitpicks opitons needles tips in size 4,5 and 5 with 1m cable.
Kicki, the birthday girl

Before I was going to the birthday party, I stopped at Stine (Stillow). She arranged course in making dichroice jewel’s and no they where ready to assemble. Here are some photos from the course:

Some of the tool’s.


Dolci, Irene and Tone making plans to the design.

Here is Irene, Tone, Stine and Anne, ready to begin.

Myself, I most have been very constentrated to choose what glas to use, I was not aware of that Cruzidull toke photos of me 😛

This is my dichorice before they is going in the oven.

I am waiting for a photo from Stine she took of me and my finish dichoirc jewels. I sold the one in middle at the birthday party to Kicki, one of here nabo so my jewlels and like it so good and ask me if I would like to sell it. That was no problem for me, I thought it was fun to learn how to make dichoric jewels but it was not quite my type of hoby 🙂

Socks and wristlets.

First products in the yarn I made from collie and gotland it is one tread of each, plyed together. I don’t know the english word for ragg sokker, but it is good thick warm socks to where in boots ore just use when you are inndoors 🙂


From the Charcoal Merino/Tussah Silk Laps I bougth from Leah, I used the Navaho ore chain plying, you can see photos of the yarn in the post; More shopping. From that yarn I knitted a couple of wristlets, it is a very easi pattern and one can also use two colors to get a little more «live» in the wristlets.


Else it has been very quiet in the house after the puppies have left, but no I can’t get the spinning go again. The last week it was inpossible to get done any spinning, then the puppies think the treadle was very funny and would just play and bite on them. I have more Collie wool on the bobbin, so I just have to get finish with all the Collie. One reason is that this yarn is spinning on a order from the dog owner to the Collie’s, and also that it is a a little bit stench of dog in my living room.

First handspun yarn from dog wool :o)

So was my first handspun yarn from dog wool finish, it is 50% Collie wool and 50% Gotland wool. This wool I got from Grete that clip dog at the Hundehelsesenteret, it was not the best quality and I so the huge difference when she come with wool from here show collie. The wool from here dog I am spinning 100% pure Collie yarn of, and she is going to knit a sweather of it.

Here is photo of the yarn, it is 243 gram (8,57 ounce).


Lots of updating

It has been so busy for a while that it the only new posting has been of the puppies,so here we goe.

My latest work, I have most of the time knitted. Some pocket slipper, calometri, wristlets knitted in angora, angora&alpaca and the calometri in the paste colours are from the handspun yarn my lovely secret pal Allena was spinning to me. That is a blend of kid mohair/alpaca/merino, lovely yarn.



Patterns to: Calometri and pocket book slippers.

Last weekend where everything was happen the same weekend, Bergen Hordaland Dachshundclub had the years first ordinary fieldtracking. I am for the time beeing the only member of the bloodtracking comitee so it was a lot of work, but I did get good help from other board member to take charge of the fieldtest.

One of my offspring from the D-litter Mataya’s Don Quixote – Ricco attend to there first fieldtracking test and got 1. price with Honour Price and became the 4th best dog of 15 dogs. Well done work Yngve and Ricco 😛

Yngve and Ricco, the judge to the right karsten Korneliussen.

Today Ellie went to here second swimming training, she need to get loose some pounds. It went much better today, little bit more calm but wow where she are swimming in the water pool. And so tired when she come home, but not so tired that she would not go on a little walk with the other dogs.


All the dogs need to have on a swimming vest, this is for the own safty and to get the training best for the dogs.


Ellie in swimming training.

Tired little girl, resting on auntie Connie’s arms, before a new swimming time.


Good girl, Ellie. After the swimming the dogs are getting washed and get a good massage. All this elements together are given the best training for the dog, one can use this for dogs that need rehabilitation, dogs that need to loose weight.

AquaDog Bergen where we are training in the swimming pool is one of many firm that is located in Hundehelsesenteret, you can read more about AquaDog Bergen here. The webpage are only in Norwegian.

I also got some visit today, I was suddenly empty for newspaper and since I clean up in the puppy yard at least two time thrue the day I use a lot of newspaper.
So Tittei and her son Konrad come with newspaper to me and when Annevenn heard that Tittei and Konrad was here, she came up with here son Jonathan to look and cuddle with the puppies. Later Stillow pop buy with some more newspaper, so no I have for a while.

And the puppies has got new photos on the photo page, but of course you guys will se some photos here also?



Mummy Kelly is taken a nap 🙂


And a funny photos of Charlie boy, if hi continue with this sleeping position hi need the have his own gallery that Ellie’s has 😛


Well, I think that I have got everything updatet no, ore well I have forgot to take photos of the latest gorgous wool I orded from Leah. So here you can see photos on Leah webpage, it is the wool that is called Charcoal Merino/Tussah silk laps.

A little update.

Yes, I know it is some days since latest updatet, but I have still a lack of energy after my pneumonia.

Kelly is on the 6 week tomorrow and has begin to be huge know, very cosy and are taken everything very calm now. No looking after a whole in the fense, but she is also to huge to get out also :o)

I also finished with a couple of socks, knitted in Fabel from Garnstudio. I like the yarn very much and think it is softer then Opal. It is maybe not so much faboulous colors that Opal has, but I like the yarn.

Here is the Blue Face Leiciester I dyed with Wilton’s, ready to spin.

I have also been spinning, finish with a angora and alpaca yarn. Think this would be a soft and beatiful yarn to be knitted with.

The spinning who is in progress right know, is some silk. I have got some order one angora/silk yarn, this is the second time I am spinning silk and this time I got the hang on it now. And I understand why everybody are telling me that they love to spin with silk. Photos will come.

Test dyeing and a one more headband finish.

Since I wonder if naturaly wildgrey angora could be dyed, I just had to test dye. Well blue berry gave a nice color, but the grape well you can look at the photos yourself 🙂


This headband have I knitted from my own handspun yarn, the colors is tangerine and it is aussie merino. So soft and very good to knit with, about the pattern I like it. But it don’t remind me about pigtail pattern.