Knitpicks has arrived, thank you Allena :o)

I am so lucky to have good friends like Allena in US, she send me what I want from Knitpicks.  You are just great Allena, thank you so much fot the help.
First come a big envelope yesterday and the other come today:


Chaos at my dining table, trying to find out who is what item 😉


And some control in all the madness, Kicki has already pick up here item’s. Ore well I found some circular needles after she had gone, that I thought was not coming 😛


I was very curious on what I had order, since I must admit I had forgot it. I should not admit it, but I got a surprise hi hi, for this is my items had totally forgot that I had order the yarn 😛


and I also got this book, it was alright but after reading other spinners feedback. I was a little disappointed, I had hoped for more technique.


Something I doe regret in, was that I did not order more of the wonderful Harmony Woods knitting needles. No they are so sold out, they doe get it in again. But sell so fast out again, that it seems it can take times before I can get the one I want.

Yesterday I Dyveke had knitting birthday party, I gave here two skein from the new Mirasol series Hacho hand-dyed merino; Peacock purple.

I had a lovely evening, Tittei also learned to how to knit My So Called Scarf. I am knitting the scarf in some of my own hand-spun yarn, it is Australian merino with silk in it. Very funny to knit and not so difficult that I thought it would be. Here is a link to the technique.


Here is also some photos of what I am finish with, ore well the baby booties miss there little ribbon.

Long wrist-lets knitted in the angora yarn I dyed in Wilton’s black.

This is the last baby booties I am knitting from this pattern, I find them to boring to knit ore the truth is that it is the sew part I don’t like.


Angora fiber from USA and knitting in progress.

Since I don’t have angora in this colours, I just had to buy some when Leah had some from Phoebe to sales. The english angora are hand plucked and not cliped like the german we have here home, I would like to have one of this type. The hand plucking don’t heart the angora and the fur are plucked without any problem. Here is Leah’s blog where you can read about here angora’s.


I have also begin to knit some of the lace yarn I bought from Knitpicks, it is Shimmer  Turquoise Splendor. I use the knitpicks needles and they are very good to knit with. The patter to the shawl doe you find here, it is just in norwegian.


More packets from US

Earliere when Rhonna was going back home to Tallahasse, she was going to order some more spinning item from Majacraft and ask me if she should got some to me too. I am lucky to have so many great spinner friends, here is what she orded for me. The new Lazy Kate from Majacraft. amd 4 more bobbins 😛


I also used the Yarn meter today and it worked great, my angora&silk yarn is 635 m (694 yards) 130 gram and 35 wpi.


Since I read about magic loop I wanted to try that, but had to wait for knit picks ciruclar needles to arrived since I need a soft and thin cable.


Puppies, knitting and dying

Some puppie photos, they are 1 week old today doe I need say more 😛



For while ago I knitted a couple of pocket slippers, from the handspun yarn my secret pal Allena was spinning to me.

I had a lot of white angora and white alpaca I had been spinning, but since I thougt the colour where rely boring. I decied to dye some skeins, since I know that it is many who like brown I tried to get a nice brown colours from KoolAid. Not quite my favorit colour, but I think that it went well.


Here are the knitting I am doing know, it shall be wrist warmer with fold pattern. This is the BFL and aussie merino I dyed with Wilton’s Delphinium blue.