Yesterdays must funny knitting guild.

The knitting lady’s is back in town, last evening I had invited the Bergen’s lady to a knitting evening. We did a swap this time that was arranged the way that everybody put a packet in a large bag and we all got one back 😛

This was the yarn I got and Irenetur was my pal, it is Oleana yarn 🙂


You know about Skype? Well since Annevenn left with here family to Bahrain the only way I have had contact with here is true mail. But yesterday we found a very good way to have contact. Yepp, Skype with webcamera is a good way to keep in contact with friends. Normaly I would never bought a web camera, but found out that to keep in touch with Annevenn in Bahrain this was great. So today I bought a webcamera, and look here who is with us on knitting party 😛


I also took with me the dogs to swim training and Ellie is no 36 cm around the chest, when she begin the swimming she was 42 cm so it is very effective.

Here is a better photos of the yarn I hand dyed for some days ago:


I forgot to tell who was there, it was Irenetur, Tittei, Lises, Merete, Tutten, Kiwa, Cruzidull, Vivian, Kicki, Synne, Stillow, Dyveke and of course Annevenn from Bahrain.


The Mirasol project in Peru.

Today I went to To Damer to buy more Fabel to Peggy and Allena in US, and when I was going to leave May told me about that Mirasol had got there own yarn collection.

The yarn is beautiful just take a look at the photos:

From left is Sulka 60% merino wool and 20% Alpaca & 20% silk, Hacho who is 100% hand dyed merino wool, Miski 100% Baby Llama.


Here is the sample card of the colors 😛

I just love the yarn and since I am crazy after hand dyed yarn the Hacho is gorgeous in the colors. I told May the owner of the store that tomorrow the Bergen Knitting Lady is coming to me, and that I was going to tell about the new yarn she had got. But you know, telling and feeling on the yarn are much better 😛 so I got a skein with each type to show the ladys and also a color card samples. Guess who is going to have a fun time tomorrow 🙂

Short about the Mirasol project: Mirasol is a young girl that shepard alpaca’s in Peru, Kari Hestness from Du store Alpakka in Norway meet Mirasol and here brother Alex when she visit Peru. For the whole story read here on Mirasolperu.

When I buy wool many of the suppliers stat that the animal are having the best care, yes that is very important. But for me it is also very important then I buy yarn it is of the Fair Trade idea, so with the Mirasol yarn I know that I support a good case.

I also hand dyed some yarn yesterday and are very pleased with the results:


The colors are not quite correct on the red one, that is more orange/golden that is 100% hand spun angora. The other one has different shades of green and I am very satisfied with how it turned out, it is hand spun 50% angora, 25% silk and 25% merino. This yarn I am going to knit socks to my nephew Erik, it is a late birthday present.

Very long update.

Well, it is a good time since my last blogging, it has been so much to doe with both work and in the weekends.

There is so many photos in the posting, so they are show in thumbnail. Just click at them to see them larger, there you can also read the text.

So we begin with the latest news:

I have bought MBT sandals to use at work and free time, they are rely good to go with. Just need a time to get used to them, the first time I got dizzie.


Luckly enough this weekend I had totaly free and that was good, so it was a weekend with a lot of resting, tidy the house and more relaxing 🙂

Last thursday I took Ellie and Charlie with my to the Hundehelsesenteret, it was time for swimming traning. Poor Charlie had never swim before at all, so well I think Charlies’s expression talk for themself 😛





Wednesday it was time for knitting quild again, this time it was Cruzidull who was the hostess. For some reason the Bergenslady don’t want to have there photos on the blog. So here is some photos of the gorgous cat Cruzidull has, I don’t quite remember the correct breed name. But was something with Rex, and that coat was so soft and marvelous. Wish it could have been longer, then it would be wonderful to spin of 🙂 Cruzidull had also got a new digital camera earlier this summer, so I just had to take a photos of here.



Then last weekend Norwegian Angora had there annual summer gathering here in Bergen, I had class in food dyeing. The dyeing results was gorgoeus, I also carded up some of the tops I had dyed earliere. It was also very nice to meet people that I just had chat ore emailed with, hoping to join next years gathering also.



reidung-hand-dyeing.jpgfood-dyeing.jpg anne-berit.jpg



The whole gang, thank you guys for a great weekend 😛

Here is the tops I carded up, that I had dyed fora little while ago.

And here it is finish spin and Navahoe plyed:

I was going to post some photos from the NKK Trondheim dog show, Merete (kennel T-Bob), Anne and I went to. But when I checked the photo map, I had not prepped them yet. So I will put out a link here when I have made the show how trip report on my kennel webpage 🙂

Knitted some baby booties of the hand dyed angora yarn.

Well, since it just was 24 gram with hand dyed angora yarn, I need a small project. The pattern is a old pattern, that was published in a magazine in Denmark in 1945.  I need to change the pattern to my yarn, that is the next project. But I thought they where a little bit cute 😛

I liked how the stripes come alone very much, so I am going to dye some more angora yarn in the same way. But have longer stripes of each colours.

p6200008.jpg p6200009.jpg

Food dyes photo tutorial.

I know I have promised many that I should take photos from the beginning to the end, but have always forgot to take photos. Well, well but this time I remember to take photos during the dyeing process.

During the dying of the angora yarn, I decied to dye some of the Romney roving I got from Peggy also. But first things first, here is the angora yarn.

I first soak the yarn in a mixture of water and a glug of white vinegar, with angora yarn you need to let it be in the water for a longer time then other yarn to get soaking wet. It is 24 gram white angora yarn, lace weight.

Then I prepeare the dye bath, this time I was going to try the Wilton’s ice dyeing colours that Peggy send me. It is red, orange and yellow, the idea was to split the skein in 3 parts I used about 2 dl water no vinegare put in on this time.

Then the skein was split in 3 parts(could have been done better, little to much red part). Put in the microwave for 3 minutes, then rest in 3 minutes. Before going in for new 3 minutes I then added 1 table spoon of vinegear. This process I repeatet 3 times, but I so that I had used to much colours. So I therefore used the rest of the dyebath to some of the Romney roving, look further down on the blog. When you dye with this method it is important that after the first 3 minutes, you pull the yarn down from the cup on all 3 cups down in the dye path. If you don’t doe this it will come white parts in the yarn.

The yarn is rinsed carefully in water, remember either to doe it in the same temperature ore just let it be in the dye bath to the next day and then rinse. Hang up to dry :

And here it is finished:

Next, since I had so much in the dyebath left I just got a idea and did the same with some of the Romney roving I got from Peggy. This I did not put in to the microwave, I just put the Romney in to the hot dye bath and let it stand there to it was cold. And it was not pre wet before the dyebath.

Here it is finish and ready to spin with:

I was also going to try some of the easter egg dyes tablets, but I need to doe some test dyeing to find out what is the right colours and not what I think is violet :p So when it first got out of control I just pour in some KoolAid mix, put everthing into my jar, Romney roving 50 gram up and into the micro it got. Here it is about 2,5 dl vinegear and 5 dl water.

The roving is to rinse, wonder rely what colours this will be. It has different shade, of green, purple, brown, red:


And here is it is dried and finish to begin to spin with, but I have a pretty good feeling that when I have spin up this roving it will be overdyed. Well I can be surprised, I have been that before, but I don’t think I will be that this time. p6180086.jpg

Test dyeing and a one more headband finish.

Since I wonder if naturaly wildgrey angora could be dyed, I just had to test dye. Well blue berry gave a nice color, but the grape well you can look at the photos yourself 🙂


This headband have I knitted from my own handspun yarn, the colors is tangerine and it is aussie merino. So soft and very good to knit with, about the pattern I like it. But it don’t remind me about pigtail pattern.


How the days just fly away.

As normaly it is very busy, it has been a new spinning guild with my angora friends in Litleskare – Nordhordaland and then stright home to have knitting guild at my place at the evening all this on Wednesday. I rely must begin to check my schedule before I am arrangin this guild. Some days in the office, Saturday, sales mess for some hours then stright home, cleaning in the angora stable, and then stright to the airport to go to Oslo. My new nephew was going having his batism. And now it is rely time to get finish with the christmas gift. Tired oh now, 🙂 Charlie and Elli was sleeping over at Charlotte, Charlie found a playmate there and was also tired 🙂



Yesterday I Merete and Tutten had there knitting birthday parties togheter. A very nice evening, with lots of goodie to eat.

Yesterday the KoolAid I won on ebay come, just 100 packet ore well I won 200 packet. But 100 packet are going to Bente.

Today I have done some new pot dying, yesterday I also drop in to Ikea and bought a new larger glas pot. So today I have to tried it to dye with 😛 I used 3 packet of Rasberry reaction and 2 packet of Changin Cherry.
pc060008.jpg 3-rasberry-reaction-and-2-changin-cherry.jpg

Finished koolaid dye projects.

Then the pink angora yarn is dried, and I am very satisfied with the color. The merino wool I dyed, came out very pretty. I was a little bit curious on how the result would be, since I just took a dash with one color and a dash of another color. The colors look like a rustred dark orange colors 🙂

Pink handspun angora yarn.

KoolAid dyed merino roving – rustred / dark orange.

And here is a photo of yar dying, it is the pink angora yarn. Even if it dos’nt see pink color at all 😛
My photo album is also updatet with some of the work I have done, spinning, knitting and dyeing.