and the winner of 1 skein handpainted yarn is;

I like using to pick a number, together it was 14 lot. I know 2 of the posting was in the wrong post, but I knew it was just misplaced.

So then let the numbers run and he winner is;

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-02-23 17:57:03 UTC

So who posted at no. 3? That is Lisabet alias Sushigirl, congratulation 😛 Send me your mailing address to post at hkangora dot no also tell me what colors you love 😀


Hand dyed yarn and a lot.

I have test dyed some of the skeins I got in, 2 of the superwash BLF&nylon blend, 3 lace suri alpaca/ merin/silk and 3 with BFL. I love how the yarn takes the dyes, I even dyed two skeins with coffee and love the brown shaded color.

BFL superwash sock yarn

BFL sock yarn, but it is so soft so dont need to just knit socks ;o)

Lace yarn, suri alpaca/merino/silk

Lace yarn, suri alpaca/merino/silk

Over the weekend, I will start to dye up some of the wool 😛

All the skeins and more will be up in HK Spindles & Fiber soon,

Since I never remember to check my counter, was thinking to have a little lot. When I passed 30 000 visit without having a lot then, I take it now since I am in happy mode over the yarn and wool.

So all you need to doe is to leave a comment until Sunday, tell me also if you are a spinner ore knitter 😀