Yesterday Old Town

Yesterday we went to San Diego and  of course on one of the hotest day this summer.

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Saturday, Sea World :o)

It was a great day at Sea World, we did arrived a little bit late on the day around 3pm. But then there was not to much crowd and kids that was running around like crazy. It was great to be back, I had looking forward to see Belive the Shamu show and for Melissa to see it. But after the tragic accident, where the trainer was killed it seems that they have change the whole show. There was no trainers going in the water and it was more about «splashing», but still it was a great show.

We so Sea Lions Live and Sea Lions Tonite with Clyde and his buddy Seymor and not to forget OP the otter.

We had a great and lovely day and ended the day to see the fireworks 😛

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Here are also some videos Melissa took:

San Diego Zoo

Melissa arrived at Friday at it was great to see here again, Holly drove us to San Diego Zoo. For me coming from Norway, that has one of the best zoo with BIG are when the animal can run, rest ore doe what they want to. I just have to admit it, San Diego Zoo was a big dissapointment and for me who also is a animal communicator it heart my heart, see the animal in small cages and stressed animal and there was smell from mostly all the cages. It was not a good experience and I do not recommend this Zoo to anyone. It seems that the Zoo was more build for people, shopping, food, drink, big roads so you could take a bus around etc. The day we also was there, animal lovers had a protest outside the Zoo. Had I know this in advanced we would not have gone there.

Here are some photos, for more photos you can click to the Flickr album San Diego.

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Don’t now if it was Melissa bringing the warm weather from Houston, but after she arrived. The summer has come to San Diego, it is so hot and also humidity here now. Up to 30c now I in fact looking forward to go home to colder weather and some rain, miss the option to could drink tap water. I got in fact sunburn on my should this day, even with use of sun cream ;D

Julian the apple city

Saturday we went to Julian the apple city, famous for there apple pie and there cider. The city looks nice with all the «old» building style, but most of the stuff they sold was junk, made in Russia, China etc.

Here are some photos from the city, there was a great art gallery there with a lot of wonderful paintings 😛

Del Mar Race track

Yesterday Holly’s friend Valerie invited us to Del Mar Race track, this is the first time I have been to a race track. Since the only race track we have in Norway is in Oslo and I live in Bergen, that is in the other side in Norway. We had place in our own both and that was also special and nice 😛

We had a nice time, did some betting but not much. I won some and lost some, not more then I could deal with. I am not the big gambler, so used 20$ won about $3,4 so was not so bad. My favorite in one of the race would have won, but up to the finish line hi stumbled and hurt his foot. Lucky enough hi was not put down, someone told us after the race that Del Mar is one of the worsted race track they have in Calefornia and for a couple of days ago they had two put down a horse. That was also one of the reason to why I did not bet so much after that, also people get crazy. There was a lot of screaming and yelling, not used to it 😀

Here are some photos from yesterdays race:

and some fun for the children and entertainment for us 😛

August 16. A update about the horse Love At the Bay that got injured:

Love At the Bay, a 2-year-old filly, became the fifth thoroughbred to be fatally injured at the meet after she broke down in the stretch while leading the fourth race. Jockey Victor Espinoza had Love At the Bay, making only her second career start, in front for the first 4 1/2 furlongs of the race on the Polytrack. But she took a bad step in the stretch, suffering an injury to her left front and was later euthanized. Espinoza did a miraculous job of pulling up the injured filly and avoiding other riders in the race.
Love At the Bay is the third horse to be euthanized after suffering an injury while racing on the Polytrack. There has been one Polytrack fatality during morning training hours and one fatality occurred on the turf course.

Last season, eight horses had been euthanized at a similar point in the meet.

Robin and the 7 Hoods at The Old Globe theater

Just come in from a wonderful evening, Holly took me to The Old Globe Theater to see Robin and the 7 Hoods. Holly’s sister Jessica got us the tickets 😛 This is the first time I see a musical with professional singers, not that they are bad in Norway but having actress doing musical is not always the same. We had a great and lovely time, only problem it was freezing cold – to much aircondition 😀

Here is a short version summary:

A world premiere, Broadway-bound musical comedy  that takes us back to that sexy era in pop culture where «Mad Men» reigned supreme, martinis flowed freely and the songs of Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen («My Kind of Town (Chicago is),» «Ain’t That a Kick in the Head,» and «Call Me Irresponsible and many more) ruled the night. Take the writer of Broadway’s murderously giddy musical Curtains, add the director who intoxicated us with The Drowsy Chaperone and taught Monty Python how to dance in Spamalot, and top it off with a sexy, soaring score of classic Cahn and Van Heusen songs and you get ROBIN AND THE 7 HOODS, a new musical that takes the Robin Hood legend and gives it an early sixties spin. When Robbo, a suave, fast-rising entrepreneur in Chicago’s sophisticated nightclub scene, finds himself wanted by both sides of the law, he and his merry band quickly learn that a few wrongs and a few songs could make things right.

If you get a chance to see it, you will not regret 😛

The Black Sheep

Okay, I am back in one of my favorite city, I was here for 4 years ago and fall in love in the city. This time I am staying much longer, so stay tune for updates 😛

My first yarn shop visit in San Diego 😛

The Black Sheep, there was a lot of wonderful and supersoft gorgeous yarn, some incredible yarn art was hanging on the walls. But unfortuanelly because it was artist who had made it, I could not take photos of there art. Trust me it was incredible 😀

and no I did not buy the Buffalo Gold yarn – yet 😀

But this gorgeous handpainted lace yarn I did buy 😛
and this one ;P