New photos of the puppies.

It is so much that is happen right now, but here is some photos of the puppies they are now 3 1/2 weeks old.


Uncle Charlie want to help with the washing :o)

Here I come.

Here I come.

Family time.

Family time.

I also finally take a photo of the wool and handspun yarn I got, from the Fiber Swap Club I have sign up for. Here is the lovely Polwarth wool and the handspun skein I got from allybabyknits 😛

fiber swap packet from allybabyknits

fiber swap packet from allybabyknits


Puppies, wool, knitting, handdyeing and more :o)

The puppies was 2 weeks old Thursday, they have now began to open there eyes so will take some new photos in the weekend. But here you have some photos of them 😛


Happt little guys :o)

Sleepy boys.

Sleepy boys.

I recived my swap packet from Tamara that has been my pal in the Fibery Goodness swap that are in Ravelry, I love the packet I got from here.

My fiber packet from Tamara

My fiber packet from Tamara

The fiber is some lovely Targhee, I have never tried Targhee before so that should be very exciting to try. There was a wonderful skein with superwash ultrasoft merino, both the handspun yarn and the fiber is hand dyed by Tamara. Werther’s candy and chocholate and a candle with a nice sent with sage & citrus in a candle cup.
Thank you so much for this wonderful packet, Tamara 😀

More wool has arrived, Polwarth that I  never have tried. I found a shop in Denmark that sell Polwarth, after reading about a Polwarth farm in Australia I was so curios. I can already know tell you that this fiber I defently will get in my shop. I also got more of Spelsay from Spinnvilt.





I wrote knitting in the heading, I am finish with the second BSJ.  Well it is not quite finish, I need to assemble the jacket. Want to doe a i-cord around and also need to buy some button. But here is it, the yarn is Knitpicks Bare merino&silk that I have hand dyed.

BSJ no 2

BSJ no 2

I can know show you the yarn I spun and hand dyed to Linda, my pal in the Fibery Goodness swap. The handspun yarn is of 16 mic merino and is hand dyed in orange and yellow that Linda wrote she liked. With the fiber that we should send 4 oz of, I send some of the merino&silk I have to sale in my web shop the colors are in orange.



More hand dyed wool tops

First of all, I got a lovely packet from Nancy that is my pal in the Fibery Godness swap I sign up for at Ravelry.

There was a lovely handspun thick/thin of Targhee/Alpaca/Silk in beautiful bluish tone, it is so soft and Iove it. 4 oz with white organic cotton, beautiful stitch markers, soap, sponges, tee, Clover point protectors – that I always have thought of buying, but never got so far, Spinn Off magazine, post it sticky. Thank you so much Nancy, I love the packet.

I have also been dyeing a lot of new wool tops, will put them up in the web shop tomorrow.

Merino 21 mic - Cherry wine

BFL - Oceanic blue

BFL - Oceanic blue

Merino 23 mic - Roses are red

Merino 23 mic - Roses are red

New zeeland lam - Dark roses

New zeeland lam - Dark roses

New zeeland lam - Dark roses

New zeeland lam - Dark roses

New Zeeland lam - Candy

New Zeeland lam - Candy

New Zeeland lam - Candy floss

New Zeeland lam - Candy floss

New Zeeland lam - Candy mix

New Zeeland lam - Candy mix

BFL - Fantacy land

BFL - Fantacy land

BFL - Fantacy

BFL - Fantacy

Tussah&silk - Rose wine

Tussah&silk - Rose wine

Tussah&fin ull - Wild dark roses

Tussah&fin ull - Wild dark roses

More hand dyed tops

I have made a new banner to HK Spindles & Fiber:

Photos of some of the new hand dyed tops and handspun yarn I have in the shop:

La Plata – Pagoda:

Merino 16 mic – Pagoda

New Zeeland lamb – Forrest fruit

New Zeeland Lamb – Oceanic

New Zeeland lamb - Oceanic Two
New Zeeland lamb – Oceanic Two

Optim - Clown Land
Optim – Clown Land

Optim - Velvet Dream

Optim - Velvet Dream

Tussah silk and fine Wool - Grape Wine

Tussah silk and fine Wool - Grape Wine

I have also been spinning, problem is that when I have sign up for to different swap with both shall have 4 oz of hand spun yarn and I change my mind and begin with some new fiber/colors. Then the time is beginning to run away from me, so this weekend I have to decied what fiber/colors I am going to spin 😛

Lace angora

Lace angora

Merino 16 mic spun on one of my Bossie spindle

Merino 16 mic spun on one of my Bossie spindle

I have more handspun yarn finish, but see know that I have forgot to taken photos of them. More updates will come later 😀

But I can show you the lovely parcel I got from my pal from The Spindle Addict swap I am member of, it is one of the Ravelry swap group.

Spindle swap parcel from Lisa

Spindle swap parcel from Lisa

The spindles is from Cascade, Mount Shuksan 1,15 oz spin beautiful have of course already spin with it. Beautiful wool roving in red and purple colors from Smoky Mountain Fibers. Yummie, dark organic chocolate and a lovely Footbridge – handmade shea butter lotion, Lisa write that they are produced from the same area she live. There was also some magnets in the parcel, some of the most famous 4 buildning in the world.

So the choloate are eaten, surprise – lol. My hands and feet are so soft, and the scent so lovley from the lotion and the spindles are in use, what more can a spinner wish for :o)

Thank you so much for this lovely packet, Lisa. I love all of it – thank you 😛

Hush-hush handspun hootenanny Q’s

I am a little bit to late on my answer to the questioner to HHHH swap, but here they are. I also has a lot to blog about, but that will happen maybe tomorrow 😀

1. How long have you been spinning? What skill level do you consider yourself?
I have been spinning exact for 2 years now, July 4th -06 I got my first drop spindles from UK 🙂
Level, hm I think I would call myself experienced level.

2. What kinds of yarn do you create (singles/2-ply/3-ply/art yarn)?
I mostly spin lace yarn, but doe also love to spin bulky yarn.

3. What do you spin with (spindle/wheel/both)?
I spin with spindles and my Little Gem II, about spindles I don’t think I am going to begin to count ore list what I have, lol.

4. What are your favorite fibers to spin with? Anything you don’t like?
All fine fiber under 22 mic, but doe also love BFL and Corridale. 16 mic merino, Optim ore bamboo/soysilk are amount the favorites. I don’t like superwash ore fiber like nylon/sparkling stuff.

5. Who are your favorite crack dealers fiber sources (etsy or otherwise)?
That is difficult, I have a lot of favorite places to order. But etsy, ebay, web store I like to try new fiber and buy when I find something I like.

6. What kind of fiber do you want to try?
Oh, hm difficult question. But maybe bamboo blend, soysilk, quivit / buffalo are high up on my wishing list.

7. Is there any techniques you would like to learn?
Andean plying, I never understand how to doe it from just the photos. Long wool english drawing, not quite sure if I spelled that correct.

8. Do you dye fiber? If not, would you like to learn?
Yes, I dye both fiber and yarn.

9. Do you have fiber prep tools (and like to use them) or would you prefer ready to spin fiber?
I have hand carder and mini combs, but most of my fiber are ready to spin.

10. What do you do with your handspun? What projects have you completed?
I knit and sell the yarn ore finish knitting projects. Hats, mittens, shawl, socks.

11. Are you in need of any spinning gadgets (WPI Gauge, threading hook, etc)?
I have most of the accesories I need.

12. What colors «fall into your shopping basket»? Any colors you just can’t stand?
It is easier to say what colors I don’t like, that is pastel.

13. What is on your wheel/spindle right now?
On my Little Gemm I am spinning up more lace angora, having a project with lace angora&baby alpaca. On my spindles, one of the have a fiber from Chameleon, one with some 16 mic merino, and my new Amboyna from Bosworth is orange yummie merino&silk.

14. What other crafts/hobbies do you have?
I have 4 angora rabbits, right now starting up with my new web shop with spindles and fiber, have a small serious breeding with longhair minature dachs.

15. Other than crafts, what are you passionate about?
My animals and my work as a animal healer and animal communicator. Breed the best lines of longhair minature dachs.

16. Do you have an online wishlist?

17. Is there anything that you collect?
Well, fiber , but that maybe dont count 🙂

18. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What magazine subscriptions do you have?
I rely want Color in Spinning. I subscripe to Spin-Off.

19. When is your birthday?
April 14th.

20. What book or movie character do you most resemble in personality?
Oh, that is rely difficult, but I think I have to write Samvis Gamgood.

21. What is the climate like where you live around this time (need to know for careful shipments of anything meltable)?
I live in Bergen, a city on the westcoast to Norway. It is not so hot here in the summer, except from right now.

22. Tell us one weird fact about yourself!
Me, I don’t have any weird fact, LOL. Sorry, to be serious, I am now to could talk, knit and be online in the same time and still get everything with me and some people find that facinating.

favorite painting/picture(link): Vinternatt in Rondane.

Candy: I am not picky at all, but did someone say Life Saver’s Butter rum

Food: I eat almost eaverything, love to try new food.

Drink: Anyone say frozen margariats? Else I like soft drinks.

Movie(s): I like action, sci-fi, scary, drama, fantasy.

TV Show(s): CSI all 3 of them.

Book(s): I read almost everything, but love fantasy

Guilty Pleasure(s): Spinning and knitting, when I should have done some bookkeeping ore house work.

Look what came in the mail box today.

I know it is a long time since last posting, it is so busy with the puppies and I have been sick the last week.

This weekend it was the first dog show for this year, the results was okey. 3 of Kelly’s kids was on the show, Pippi that I co-own with Nina and Marius, Frida owned by Anne and Munti owned by Hildur. They all got 1.price in quality and Honor Price not bad at all.

But back to what arrived in my mail box today, a box from Cathy and two packets from my very good dachs friend in UK Jane.

Cathy is my pal in The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and wow, look at here what she send me 😛
Gorgeous hand dyed superwash merino from The Unique Sheep, that she had hand dyed in Ultramarine colors. I love it, it is so my colors. Knitpicks Bare 70% merino wool, 30% silk that I can dye my self. That yarn is so soft, yummie. Cathy send not just 1 pattern, but 3 patterns. It is Spirogyra mittens, lace Ribbon Scarf and Pomatomus socks pattern.
Burt’s Bees Essential Body Kit and a lot of Lifesavers, did someone know that I love Livesavers 😆 Jellybeans and this cute little sheep. Cathy had also knitted Paper Nautilus Shell as you can see between the lovely notepad set and the card she send me.


Close up photos of the gorgeous yarn 😀
and photos of the cute sheep bear 😛
In the packet Jane send me with gorgeous wool from The Alpaca Spinner, she had knitted some cute slippers and a beautiful scarf to me. It was also some very important stuff in the packet, Spatone yiha. Know I maybe get my energy back again, that stuff is incredible.



I will post some photos of the puppies tomorrow, today was there first day out 😀

Time for some bloging again.

Yes, I know some times since last bloging, but to be frankly I have no time since I need to get all the accounting done for my my firm. Coming back from holiday to work, I see know why it is important to have a backup that function since my client arkiv is also gone. Lucky enough I have a very good memory on how they are in the health program.

But that was the boring stuff, no over to what I have done and before I forget it Happy New year to you all 😛

Yesterday there come a great packet from Peggy, she is one of my good spinner pal that live in US. Before christmas Peggy and I was talking about candy, and then I suddenly remember that Cousins Candy shop that make Salt Watetaffy have a online store. Cousins Candy Shop has a store in Old Town San Diego, where Anita and I was there in 2007. I think you already guess where I want, yes I love the taffy they make. So then I order some for Peggy since she is so kind getting everything I want for me and of course some to me 🙂 I also get a hang on Lifesaver and they are just sold in US, so Peggy bought some bags for me. I would be very happy for just a couple of bag with sweets, but WOW she bought 6 bags for me 😛 There was also 6 skeins from the Limited edition to Tofutsies, thank you so much for all the help Peggy, you are just great 🙂


I have also get some spinning done, here is some yarn that is 50% Collie (dog) and 50% of 18 mic white merino.


Wool: The Collie wool is from Grete’s blue merle, she is working at the same center for dogs that I doe. The 18 mic merino is from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 545 gram / ap. 19 ounce.
WPI: 20

I hope she will be happy with this yarn.

I also got more stuff from US, last autum I sign up for Chameleon Colorworks fiber of the month club. But unfortuanelly the roving never came, when I emailed the new owner and explan what had happen. She offered to send me new rovings at once, and look at this gorgours roving she send me. It is Optim, that I am very excited to try since I have never spin it and other spinners say it is a difficult fiber to spin. It is made from australain Merino in a special process and have silky touch feeling and style.


Thank you so much for a great service, Nancy. I am looking forward to you start up the fiber club again.

Last year I sign up for some spinner and wool swap at Ravelry, here is what I got from Nicole in Germany. A wonderful merino tops, dyed in different shades of green, Wollmeise sock yarn that I have heard much about, goodies for the dogs, bunnies and myself.
What a great swap packet t 🙂

swap packet from Nicole

Here is what I send to my pal in Denmark, Gitte. I forgot to take a photo of all of the item, but photos of chocolate are not so fun.
swap packet to Gitte
and some handpainted sock yarn, the yarn is white Fabel I dyed with Jaquard acid dyes. But I forgot to take photos of the yarn, if you want to see photos of it. You can see it here on Gitte,s blog.

I am finish spinning the merino I got from Nicole and here is the result.
merino batts from Nicole

and after ;
lace yarn, merino tops from Nicole

Wool: Dyed Merino
Weight: ap. 113 gram / 4 ounce
WPI: 25

And last a photo of the lace yarn in 18 mic merino from Wollknoll, that I have plyed. You can see the difference in the plying bobbin to Majacraft to the regular ones.


I got my swap packet from Susan today.

Well, if you don’t know this already but I love doing swaps. So the first I look at when I came in to Ravelry was what swap are going, I found The Hand dyed swap that Celena is arranging and after asking if I could sign up even if I live in Norway. She email me back and told me that Susan would like to be my swap.

Today my swap packet arrived from Susan, it is just so great. Look at this lovely hand dyed yarn she has made to me, she write that the day she dyed my yarn she also teach here aunt on how to dye yarn. So a little of here aunt is wrapped up in these skein, thank you to Susan’s aunt also 🙂

Susan send also some yummie sweets from See’s, they are so lovely that I feel that I can’t eat them yet. But don’t worry, the box will soon be empty 😛


Thank you Susan for the gorgous hand dyed yarn and the sweets, your are just great 😛

Oh, when I talked about sweets, look what I have order Taffy and Candy from Cousin Candy shop. Last year Anita and I was having a wonderful holiday in US, we where mostly in San Diego and in Old Town Cousin Candy shop has a shop. All the sweets are handmade and taste yummie. Here you can see photos from the trip, San Diego are a city both Anita and I want to go back to and when we are in San Diego we would like to stay at this hotel. Don’t it look great?

Yes, I know some times since latest bloging.

But there is so much to do this days and my health are not the best also, so what has happen since last bloging?

Last Monday I had the «Bergen knitting lady’s» here, a new idea we have no is to have a swap. This time after voting we had a swap with sock yarn and secret pattern, this is what I got from Irenetur lovely green Opal and English pattern 😛


So what am I else doing, well I am finish with 3 long wristlets knitted in the angora yarn I hand dyed with Wilton’s leaf green and black.


Also finish with plying white angora&silk, ready to wind up. One bobbin finish with wildgrey angora, one more to go before plying.



I also ball wind the English angora yarn I was finish with for a while ago, this wool was bought from Leah in Michigan.

I measured the yarn it is 4.06 ounce and 550 yards, this is what I have begin to knit; a shawl in feather and fan.


I know that is not good of my to have a favorite dog, but I must admit Charlie is my special boy 🙂


Just take a look at him, are you not agree?

One packet and one more packet :o)

For a while back I sign up on Spindle and Wheels swap, and they had did a change on there swap. The change is that we also where going to send thank you packet back to our pal that we got sign up to, and Thursday my thank you packet from Kathy arrived.

There was brown Romney, dog wool from Samojed and some unknown raw wool. There was a lovely bracelet and beads, and 2 Hershey chocolate. Thank you so much Kathy 🙂


I was going to take a photos of the bracelet and the beads, but when I took a pillow up on the couch for photos. Charlie insisted to be on the photos, he means that everything is about him so of course the pillow was for him to take a nap on 😛


Friday I looked at my mail box and there I got my packet from secret stalker, that was Melaine who was behind the nick this in the handspun yarn swap.

It was 3 lovely skein, here is what she wrote in the card:
The two skeins of alpaca are from a farm in Alberta. Athena is a lovely girl, whom i have the pleasure of meeting and Larocque..
Larocque is the most spectaulairy appaloossad alpaca I have seen. This is his Cria (baby) fleece. I spun it by flick carding each lock, spinning each lock from the fold and Najavjo plying to maintan the wonderful colour changes. Lastly, 95 yards of my own dog’s hair, mixed with silk. he is a Border Collie/Afghan hound/Australian shepherd. And some goodies.


From left is the skein from Athena, it is single and so soft. In the middle is the skein from Larocque , the shift in the colours are gorgeous and the last skein is from the dog. The photo in the card are from the valley’s of Melaine’s home. Oh, and the chocolate, that is Belgian chocolate I love Belgian chocolate, yummie 😛

Thank you so much Melanie, I am looking forward to begin to knit. Just have to decied what to knit of this gorgeous yarn you send me 🙂

I have also been productive latly, this is presents. The socks are knitted in Fabel yarn and are to my brother in birthday presents and the green shadings socks are to my nephew Erik in his birthday present. I had to change them a little bit, they are from my own handspun yarn in angora/merino/silk.