Yesterdays must funny knitting guild.

The knitting lady’s is back in town, last evening I had invited the Bergen’s lady to a knitting evening. We did a swap this time that was arranged the way that everybody put a packet in a large bag and we all got one back 😛

This was the yarn I got and Irenetur was my pal, it is Oleana yarn 🙂


You know about Skype? Well since Annevenn left with here family to Bahrain the only way I have had contact with here is true mail. But yesterday we found a very good way to have contact. Yepp, Skype with webcamera is a good way to keep in contact with friends. Normaly I would never bought a web camera, but found out that to keep in touch with Annevenn in Bahrain this was great. So today I bought a webcamera, and look here who is with us on knitting party 😛


I also took with me the dogs to swim training and Ellie is no 36 cm around the chest, when she begin the swimming she was 42 cm so it is very effective.

Here is a better photos of the yarn I hand dyed for some days ago:


I forgot to tell who was there, it was Irenetur, Tittei, Lises, Merete, Tutten, Kiwa, Cruzidull, Vivian, Kicki, Synne, Stillow, Dyveke and of course Annevenn from Bahrain.

A story about swap and getting new friends.

When Allena my good spinning pal from Knit to spin launched there online magazine Spindle and Wheel, and told me that they should arrange a swap of course I joined.

The Fiber Frenzy they arrange are a little bit different from other, since we are getting thank you packets back. I sign up for 8 oz fiber and 125 yards handspun yarn, the pals I got is Diane in UK who is pal in the handspun yarn and Kathy US is my fiber pal.

The swap packets to Diane and Kathy are send and arrived, they both like there packets very much.

Thursday was my turn to get my swap packets, my secret pal for the fiber swap was Beth in US. She has here own store and all the stuff are from there, The Spinning Loft.


She send me the most gorgeous baby alpaca fiber, it is so soft so I just have to take it up and fell the softness to my skin.


There was also a wonderful hand dyed silk


and a lot of goodies, beautiful cards, Addi turbo lace knitting needles, soap for the fiber, measureband and a tool that I am not quite sure what is. But I think it is for holding the wool on to the wrist when I spin with a drop spindle ore is it something to do with WPI?

Thank you so much Beth.

So for the funny story about swap and getting new friends 😛

This story is all connected with Beth and I think it is funny, so see if you can follow 🙂

Allena’s secret pal was Beth in the handspun yarn swap. Beth’s secret pal in the fiber swap was Peggy and my secret pal in the fiber swap is yepp, Beth. Two of my best pal that I got in swap I joined and myself, we all have been connected with Beth. Is’nt that great and funny story 😛

I got book in my mail today :o))

I have for a long time looked at different book who has lace style pattern, this was the one I liked best even if I have not knitted from a english pattern yet 🙂


Allena, my wonderful pal who is sending all I order from Knitpicks further, also send some wonderful wool. Will take photos of the wool tomorrow, the other stuff I got from Knitpicks are circular knitting needles. The interchangeable don’t come under 3mm and with a 40 cm cable,  so I had to get some of them also.
Today was also the last day for sending the swap packets  out to my pals, that Spindle and Wheel are holding. I hope my pals like the packets, Kathy are my fiber pal swapper and Diane are my handspun yarn pal swapper.

Look what I have got :o)

This month I joined the secret pal at Hobbyboden and today I got my packet, here is what who was in it:


2 ball with Alfa from Sandnes yarn, this is 85% wool and 15% mohair. 2 balls with Rowan hand knit cotton and some packets with koolaid.

There was some very few blueberry left in the garden, Ellie found them 😛

and Charlie are helping to clean up in some bushes 🙂


not the  best quality, but I tought Charlie’s expression was so funny.


My fiber swap packet arrived today.

For a while back I joined Fiber swap and today I got my packet, this is one of the most funny swap I have joined, why because my secret pal is Peggy. A spinner in Kentucky US, that I got to know thruee one of the yahoo spinner group. Can’t remember who of them, since I am member of more then one.

Peggy send me Romney, I have talked a lot of that I would like to try to spin Romney. Since there is so many that have talk so nice about the wool. There was also a gorgous hand dyed bombyx silk from Abby’s yarn, Burt’s Bee hand care kit, a initial it bookmark with my H on, beautiful crochet clothes and the most funny a Keychan Sock Blocker Sock that I for a long time had tought of buying and some Wilton’s ice dying.


For a while ago Peggy told me that she had bought Tofutsie sock yarn, that is made of 50% Superwash Wool, 25% SOYSILK brand fiber, 22.5% Cotton, 2.5% Chitin (made from shrimp and crab shells!) It was the Chitin that made me intrested, so I ask Peggy if she could buy a couple of skein to me. She has aslo been a angel and right after easter, she got to the shop to buy me easter egg dyes tablet think she was in more then one shop. And not that they sell lipgloss here home, but when I was in San Diego last autum Anita and I shoped Victoria Secret’s lip gloss Beauty Rush. That is one of the best lip gloss I have tried, gives a lot of moisture and have a discret gloss effect. Since I lost mine, and Victoria Secret doe ship to Norway but had a high shipping price I ask Peggy if she could help me.

So here is photos of the other items she have been traveling around in shop to get me, thank you so much Peggy.


It has also been very warm here in Bergen and the rest of the country, suddenly from about 15-18 degree we got very high temperature about 30 degree. So it was not so much done here, I had plans to get out the blood of the freezer to begin to train the kids again. But with this heat I have not had energy left, but yesterday the temperatur suddenly fall so no I have to begin the training again.
After the show I picked up Ellie that had been with my parents. She had also come in season and was almost finish, but Charlie tought she smell nice still so he tried a little flirt. The results, Ellie beat him up and he got a wond on his nose, but doe you think hi gave up after that? NO, but finaly he is getting a little bit more relax and last night I finaly could sleep the whole night.


Charlie with his wonded nose.

Charlie trying to flirt with Ellie, and look how she care 😛
I also got finish with the rest of the collie wool, and this skein was much darker:


The wool that is on my spinning wheel right no is angora yarn, that I am plying. Since I am spinning mostly lace and this is lace weight, it take so long time to ply it. But at least I got a lot of yarn when I am finish 😛

Spinning swap and more.

Last year I sign up to Spin to Knit secret swap. The rules is that I got a secret pal who is sending me a handspun skein with a least 60 yards and I have secret pal I am sending to. We all have to have blog, and put out photos of the skein in the blog.
Bought my secret pals are from US, and I have got a very good friend in Allena who is my secret pal. Today I got the parcel from here, and wow all the goodies she has send me. I got to wonderful handdyed skein, a blend of merino/alpaca/kid mohair. And a lot of KoolAid and happy joy, Wilton’s ice dying colors. Gues who is going to spin up white yarn very fast. Thank you so much Allena, I am looking forward to see you blog. Allena’s blog


Here is also a photos of Charlie, when I got the wool from Merete breeder of Bearded Collie. Charlie tought it smell strange, unknown dogs? But now dogs, hi was a little bit confused :o) and had to take a look into the food bag. Maybe it was a dog there?



Else I have got a lot of new client on my job, I have some very good results on healingmassage to dogs. Nothing is better then getting positiv feedback from the owner’s dog.
But typical enough I have also got seek, I don’t know why but every winter I get a touch of pneumonia. I normaly hold it under controll with nature medicin. But since I also have astma, it is not a good combination.
Lucky enough it seems that the dog understand that I am seek, so they seem satisfied to get a little walk on just 20 min. Normaly the try to take the long walk, when we take a trip on along the road. But today Charlie turned in to the little walk route, good lad.

I also have to finish spinning angora, since I have got a lot of large order. Hopefully I get finish tomorrow and can send it, if not it shall be send on monday.

A photos of Ellie, taken it easy. She is the boss in the house 😛


Time to clip my angora, first Billy.

It is time again to clip all my angora’s again, it will be a busy week. Especially because I clip each angora to times, then the angora don’t get to impatiens and my back is still good after the clipping 😛


Cirkeline, black

Dina, wild-grey

And ups, I discovered now that I have forgot to taken photos of Alfie. My white angora, well it is a day tomorrow also 🙂

I am participate in a Spinning swap, it’s working in the way that I have got my own swap friend who I am going to spin a skein to. And then I have secret swap friend, both of them are I in contact with. And now I am soon beginning to spin the skein to my swap friend.

Hemmelig venn august / secret friend august.

I dag kom pakken fra min hemmelige venn, jeg fikk et nøste med Opal i en nydelige grønnfarge, konfekt fra Anton Berg og deilig Yogi te. Tusen takk min hemmelige venn.


Jeg holder også på med å strikke tubesokker til min yngste nevø i fødselsdagsgave, men vil ikke legge ut noe bilde før han har fått de 🙂

Today I got the gift from my secret friend swap at Hobbyboden, I am so happy.