Ups, some time since last bloging ;o)

Okey, yes I know it is a very long time since last bloging, don’t know where the time is going.

A lot of personal stuff has happen, some happy moments but also a lot of sad moments. But time do heal and we all learn to live our life further. I am not going to write about what has happen, but I am back again.

So what is happen know?
Pippi has got here puppies, Mikey is the proud father and they are now 10 days old.

You can read more on my website kennel Mataya about my dogs and puppies 😛

I have also uploaded new HK handdyed yarn to HK Spindles & Fiber, two of them are new types; HK Mookie that is Superwash merino wool and HK Blues that is Superwash Blue Face Leicester. I have also put the HK Batts to discount on 40%.

I have also knitted a little bit;

Mingus – a lovely patttern from Cookie A. Knitted in Yukon

Hurricane hat – that was the hat for July at Luer for huer a hat along that is on

Tiger Eye Lace shawl, given to a person that means a lot for me.
The yarn was handspun by me on one of my drop spindle from a fiber blend of he yarn is a blend of 70% suri alpaca, 20% mulberry silk, 10% cashmere.

So that was all for now, suddenly I will be back 😀


Some knitting done.

After the puppies was moved done in the living room, I have not been spinning so much. With 5 puppies running and playing, I know from earliere experince that the spinning wheel will be very attemted to play and bit one.

But I did a lot of spinning before the puppie moved done, mostly white angora and other soft fiber that I will start to doe some dyeing soon.

Here is what I am finish with of knitting:

This hat I have knitted from some navahoe plyed handspun yarn, the fiber is Sherino and Alpaca I got from Allena.

Finish with another My So Called Scarf, it is knitted from the hand dyeing Sulka I did for a while ago.

I also have knitted some baby booties in angora and a headband from the leftovers I had from the hat. Photos are coming.

I got some new doggy fleece blanket and just left it in the hall. Charlie found them and had to try them at once, hi remind me of the story to HC Andersen; The Princess on the Pea.

I have also posted a lot of new photos of the puppies on my kennel website; Mataya.

Spinning and knitting.

Finish with some lace yarn I have been spinning, I love spinning lace but it takes it’s time.

Here is merino:


Wool: 18 mic merino from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 83 gram / ap. 3 ounce.
Length: 412 m / 450.50 yards
WPI: 46

Doe you think this was thin? 😛 just wait to I tell you about Optim, hi hi.

I begin to spin the Optim Nancy – Chameleon Colorworks send me, she told me to predraft it lightly then it would spin like butter. She has right, it spin like butter – I love it. But it is also so easy to spin lace, to easy because if the 18 mic merino is 46 WPI I wonder what this will be since one single tread is thinner.


It has also done some knitting, May that is the LYS owner at To Damer are now selling yarn from SWTC and I bought some Karaoke. That is 50% soysilk and 50% wool, it is very soft and wonderful to knit with. I was going to knit My So Called Scarf pattern, but the yarn is a single tread so it fluzz up very easy. So then I just knit 1 k and 1 p, it was enough with 3 skeins since I used 40 sts.
I gave the scarf as a birthday present to my sister, as you can see I was not quite finish so I knitted it finish at the party 😛

Ellie is know 6 weeks pregnant and she is beginning to be big 🙂


Yes, I know back to weekly bloging :o)

There is so much to do no at days, but I have not been on lazy. So here is what I have finish and working in progress.

Merino and Cashmere


Fiber: 16 mic merino and cashmere, both from Wollknoll
Weight: 1.69 ounces / 48 gram

Hand dyed angora&silk blend and 100% angora


Fiber: Mulberry silk from Wollknoll and angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The purple angora&silk blend; 2.22 ounce / 63 gram
The blue angora yarn; 1.94 ounce / 55 gram
30 – 32
Dyeing product: Jacquard acid dyes

Wildgrey and white angora


Fiber: Angora wool is from my own bunnies.
Weight: The wildgrey is 1.76 ounce / 50 gram
The white is 0.9 ounce / 25 gram
30 – 34

Navahoe plyed


Fiber: Shetland from Jerome and alpaca – Allena send me this lovely rovings. Spindle and Wheel
Weight: 4.13 ounce / 117 gram

Baby alpaca on the bobbin


Fiber: This is the gorgeous baby alpaca I got from Beth in the Fiber frenzy swap

I have also knitted, here is the feather and fan shawl in 100% angora and My so Called Scarf in merino&silk blend finish.


To the sales marked I got knitting help from Ina and Monika, here is some photos that they knitted from my handspun angora yarn.

This is a hat Monika has crochet from the hand dyed angora yarn, I did for a while ago.

and here is a a couple of wristlets that Ina knitted for me, I like this pattern very good and will knit more of them.

Yes, I know some times since latest bloging.

But there is so much to do this days and my health are not the best also, so what has happen since last bloging?

Last Monday I had the «Bergen knitting lady’s» here, a new idea we have no is to have a swap. This time after voting we had a swap with sock yarn and secret pattern, this is what I got from Irenetur lovely green Opal and English pattern 😛


So what am I else doing, well I am finish with 3 long wristlets knitted in the angora yarn I hand dyed with Wilton’s leaf green and black.


Also finish with plying white angora&silk, ready to wind up. One bobbin finish with wildgrey angora, one more to go before plying.



I also ball wind the English angora yarn I was finish with for a while ago, this wool was bought from Leah in Michigan.

I measured the yarn it is 4.06 ounce and 550 yards, this is what I have begin to knit; a shawl in feather and fan.


I know that is not good of my to have a favorite dog, but I must admit Charlie is my special boy 🙂


Just take a look at him, are you not agree?

New product finished.

I have begin to make booze bag, first I knit them and them they are felted.

But I have also spin a little bit on my one of my new Bosworth drop spindles, it is aussie merino&silk blend. Love the fiber, so easy to spin with. On the photos I have begin to ply.

Ellie think it is better to take life easy 😛

And some new angora shawl, they will be sold in my webshop.


New shawl in feather and fan finish.

First of all as you maybe has notice, I just write in english from now on. It is easiere that way, I mean everybody can read english.

I have finish with a new shawl in feather and fan pattern, knitted in the red merino&silk blend I spun for a while ago. Was a little bit nervous that I did’nt had enough yarn, since I just had bought 50 gram of the wool. But it was enough to get a long shawl in feather and fan.



Mye å gjøre om dagen / busy, busy

En liten stund siden jeg har skrevet i bloggen min, det er mye å gjøre om dagen. Valpene er blitt 6 1/2 uke og deres kommende eiere har vært på besøk.

Ellers har jeg begynt å spinne opp ull fra viltgrå angora ull, liker fargen på den ullen kanskje bedre enn den svarte. Er litt gjevnere i fargen, men samtidig så er jo naturlige sjatteringer flott også

Sjalet mitt i påfuglmønster er ferdig

It is so much who is going on know, so it has been some days since I have written in the blog. The puppies is 6 1/2 weeks old, and there coming new owner has been visiting us.

I have also began to spin of the wildgrey angora wool, there is some different in the shading from the black angora wool. It shal be intresting to see when I am beginning to knit of the wildgrey yarn.

My shawl in feather&fan pattern is ready, so no back to spinning 🙂