Wow, last posting was in January, lol ;o)

Okey, the good part is that I am still at alive, but this winter has been rely hard in Bergen. We never rely have winter, maybe 1 week with snow and cold. This time it started long before Christmas and ended almost to now in April. There was rely, rely cold down to – 18 c that is not normal in Bergen, lucky enough I doe not live in the coldest part of Bergen. But we had snow, over 1 meter also a new record. Just look:

Mikey’s first real winter, hi loved the snow and I sometimes had to get out and take him in 😛

Here it is Indigo running in the «road’s» I dig out in the garden.

Here it is Indigo running in the road I had to dig out in the garden :o)

In February something wonderful happen, I meet Wayne and BLU-e. Wayne is a wonderful man and his mission is to bringBLU-e around in the world. Okey, so what is BLU-e? BLU-e is a continually evolving universal healing energy. It is a complete soul harmonization, as it reignites your Qi, reawakens the Soul and realigns your Chakras. It’s a healing energy that adapts to each individual’s own special needs. It is quite unlike any other modality. I will write more about BLU-e but in the mean time, you can read more on the BLU-e website. True Wayne I meet another true BLU ey Holly, she is just amazing and I am so looking forward to could meet here at live, since she live in San Diego.

If you are in Bergen April 10, Wayne will hold a mass healing and the following week you can also book a private healing session.

You have maybe looked at my flickr photo album and seen a lot of socks suddenly, the reason is that I have been so crazy to sign up for Sock Madness 2010. So what the heck is Sock Madnes, it is madness indeed. A knitting competition, where knitter all over the world compete. The beginning round we got two weeks and the where 160 open places, and yes I passed the round even if I can’t say this will be any favorite pattern so it will be with this pair.  So how doe the socks for the first round look like?

Da, da: Sock Madness round 1 – Simple Side to Side Socks

Yarn: Ayda
Needles: HW 2,5 mm

Then round 2 arrived and now we are on 4 team, 32 knitters and the first 26 go further to the next round. My team is All We Need is Yarn.Since I am not the most experienced sock knitter, I had some problem since there still was a lot of error in the pattern. But with good friends I did finish and got qualified to round 3.

Cool Beans

Yarn: Fabel; color 100 and 520
Needles: HW 3 mm

I have also knitted a lot of socks and hat to I have forgotten to take photos of, the last one was the fourth pair with Mingus, now I think I have knitted enough Mingus for a while 😛

Oh, and did I forget to tell you that in ap. 2 weeks there will be born a litter 😀