New yarn to my webstore :o)

I have been and are busy with dyeing up new yarn, got in HK Sofuse, HK Joy and a new yarn HK Angela who is a soft lovely sw merino75% & nylon 25%.
I had a name contest to my new yarn on Uformelt, and there Margot won, given the new sw merino&nylon yarn: HK Angela. For the price it was a handdyed yarn in the colors she wanted, can’t put out a photo here before she has got it 😛

Here is a photos of some of the yarn I have dyed up 😀

Have also been finish with Monkey socks from Cookie A, loved this patter and have began on a new Monkey sock, this time no purl Monkey.

Knitted with HK Joy, color Turqoise, much more intens and lovley color, but have some problem to get the colors right. If you have some suggestion, I would be happy 😛


Creative blogger.

I have got a award from Dolci, thank you so much. Creative blogger, so now I have to write a little bit to show that I have been creative 8)

But first I have to give this award further to 4 other, this is so difficult. Since there is so many wonderful creative blogger around in the blog world. So therefore I give this award to all your creative blogger.

I have been spinning up the Corridale I bought from Spinnvilt, BFL&Sherino from Allena, angora&cashmere, merino&cashmere, angora and BFL. Since all of this skeins was white, I decided to doe some dyeing 😛 Some of this skeins are spun on my Little Gem II and the rest on the drop spindles.

The skeins are hanging to dry.

Wool: BFL&Sherino from Allena
Weight: 288 gram / ap. 10 ounce.
Length: 414,83 m / 453,67 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s

Wool: Corriedale from Spinnvilt.
Weight: 100 gram / ap. 3,5 ounce.
Length: 167,63 m / 184,33 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s and easter egg dyes.

Wool: Angora&Cashmere 3 ply.
Weight: 72 gram / ap. 2,5 ounce.
Length: 161,24 m / 176,33 yards
Dyed with Easter egg dyes.

Wool: Angora 100%
Weight: 141 gram / ap. 4,9 ounce.
Length: 410,87 m / 449,33 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s black.

Wool: Merino & Cashmere
Weight: 36 gram / ap. 1,3 ounce.
Length: 145,70 m / 159,33 yards
Dyed with Wilton’s black.

The lace socks are finised, my first english pattern; Fiber Trends – Lupine Lace sock pattern.

I have also finally started on Pretty as a Peacock Shawl, this is my first lace shawl. English pattern and not the most easy on, so I wonder what I am thinking on and to be honost. I have already knitted wrong two times, I thought I was finish with chart B. Then I was missing 5 stictes and took up a lot of rows, then I started again. But when I check the pattern, I so that something was wrong and yes, oh dear. I had began on the wrong row, so I just had to take up all the rows and start again from row 46. But know I have control again :mrgreen:

Wish me good knitting luck on my following journey 😛

Here is the Merino&Silk blend from Fiber fleece artist I bought from Garnkorga in Sweeden, the quality for that price is not worth it. The wool had felted a little bit so it was small neps in and therefore I am not satsfied over the quality. Here is the photo of the yarn.

Oh, I almost forgot to write about the most important news, I have got a new drop spindle. A Kundert Birdseye Maple, Wenge, Zebra on Walnut Whorl, I love it. Despite of the weight, it is 1 oz it don’t feel so heavy at all. It is in very good balance and spin forever, I have got a new spindle in my favorite collection.

And some secret news; HK Spindles & Fiber what is that? Stay tune more will come soon 😆

Tofutsies; Oc-Toe-ber Socks «FiddleSticks»

Finish with my first couple of socks knitted in Tofutsies, it is a lovely and soft yarn. To sad that this socks are a gift to a friend of mine, but I just knit a new couple to myself.


Yarn: Tofutsies, October limited edition.
Pattern is: Tofutsies FiddleSticks by Deby Lake. It is a little problem to see the nice pattern, here is link til Deby’s blog where you can see a better photo.
Size: I used the sizes with 64 stitches.
Needles: 2.25 mm

More handspun yarn, baby booties and fingerless mittens.

On the last bloging you can see the photos of the merino yarn that is on the plying bobbin, now I have skein it.

It is 3 skein with white merino;

Wool: 18 mic merino from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 330 gram / ap. 11,60 ounce.
Length: 619.50 m / 677.50 yards
WPI: 15-17

Baby booties are great to make, when you have some leftover.

The white baby booties is made from my lace cashmere/merino yarn I spun, they doe miss ribbon band. They just weigh 14 gram 😛

I love Christine’s baby booties pattern, I change them a little bit and they are knitted of some left overs in koolaid hand dyed angora yarn. The weight are just 16 gram.
koolaid baby booties ch

A couple of fingerless mittens, the white is knitted in lace cashmere/merino yarn.
cashmere/merino on the handmerino-cashmere-mittens.jpg

This couple is knitted of some yarn I over dyed last year.fiberblend.jpg


I also started with the Oct/Nov Tofutsies Fiddlesticks Socks, it is from the limited edition. It is the first time I knit with Tofutsies, it is rely lovely and soft to knit with.


One packet and one more packet :o)

For a while back I sign up on Spindle and Wheels swap, and they had did a change on there swap. The change is that we also where going to send thank you packet back to our pal that we got sign up to, and Thursday my thank you packet from Kathy arrived.

There was brown Romney, dog wool from Samojed and some unknown raw wool. There was a lovely bracelet and beads, and 2 Hershey chocolate. Thank you so much Kathy 🙂


I was going to take a photos of the bracelet and the beads, but when I took a pillow up on the couch for photos. Charlie insisted to be on the photos, he means that everything is about him so of course the pillow was for him to take a nap on 😛


Friday I looked at my mail box and there I got my packet from secret stalker, that was Melaine who was behind the nick this in the handspun yarn swap.

It was 3 lovely skein, here is what she wrote in the card:
The two skeins of alpaca are from a farm in Alberta. Athena is a lovely girl, whom i have the pleasure of meeting and Larocque..
Larocque is the most spectaulairy appaloossad alpaca I have seen. This is his Cria (baby) fleece. I spun it by flick carding each lock, spinning each lock from the fold and Najavjo plying to maintan the wonderful colour changes. Lastly, 95 yards of my own dog’s hair, mixed with silk. he is a Border Collie/Afghan hound/Australian shepherd. And some goodies.


From left is the skein from Athena, it is single and so soft. In the middle is the skein from Larocque , the shift in the colours are gorgeous and the last skein is from the dog. The photo in the card are from the valley’s of Melaine’s home. Oh, and the chocolate, that is Belgian chocolate I love Belgian chocolate, yummie 😛

Thank you so much Melanie, I am looking forward to begin to knit. Just have to decied what to knit of this gorgeous yarn you send me 🙂

I have also been productive latly, this is presents. The socks are knitted in Fabel yarn and are to my brother in birthday presents and the green shadings socks are to my nephew Erik in his birthday present. I had to change them a little bit, they are from my own handspun yarn in angora/merino/silk.



Knitted some baby booties of the hand dyed angora yarn.

Well, since it just was 24 gram with hand dyed angora yarn, I need a small project. The pattern is a old pattern, that was published in a magazine in Denmark in 1945.  I need to change the pattern to my yarn, that is the next project. But I thought they where a little bit cute 😛

I liked how the stripes come alone very much, so I am going to dye some more angora yarn in the same way. But have longer stripes of each colours.

p6200008.jpg p6200009.jpg

Angora clipping in process and plying of angora yarn.

Well here is Billy finish, don’t know if hi is quite satisfied with his new look 😛 But to be more serious, they have it much better after the clip. And the first they doe after there clipping is to begin to fix there coat every where, since they now can get everywhere on there body.


Then I remembered to take the camera with me out in the garage, and here is Alfie:


I am also finish spinning one full bobbin with wild-grey angora and one with white angora, now the plying begin wonder how long time this will take?


And some photos of the kids, after a long walk in rainy Bergen it is good to rest in the coach. Well, you can just see Charlies nose in his orange sleeping bag, hi love to rest under blanket etc. Ellie is resting in one here funny position. Here you can see here own photo gallery of funny sleeping position.


and Ellie.

I am also finish with a coupe of socks, knitted in Opal Zebra.


Happy New Year.

2006 has past, and a new year is beginning. Wonder what will happen, will I get my new firm up and go, will the planing of the next puppie litter be what I hope for? Well, I think we all have our dream and hope for what 2007 will bring. I hope you will get your dreams fulfill 🙂

Else I must serious gettin my website for my new company Bergen Hundehealing (healing on dogs) finished. But it is difficult to decied how much and what kind of information that shall be written. It is easiere to make a website about healing on human, most of people now about the spiritual thinking behind healing.
It can not be to much of spirituality making a website about dog healing, so then it is much easiere to write in the blog instead 😛

But here is some of my latest project, and some christmas gift I got.

Felted sock, knitted of handspun merino. Well, it should be to my two nephew here in Bergen. But they felted so good and much, was just using 30c. Well, they ended up in children size 27 :))
Tubesocks in Opal Dr. Fish
Christmas gift from Kenneth and Rikke, very good friends of me. Feltet slippers, handmade.
Eli has made me knitting needle cases, love ut. Now both my 15cm and 20 cm knitting needle are all in place the whole time.

And since I have sold so much of the angora products, I need to begin to spinning again so I have yarn to knit of. Where are all the time going?

Ferdig med baby booties / Baby booties is finish.

Endelig fant jeg et mønster på Baby booties jeg klarer å strikke. Det ble et par i viltgrå angora garn, som ble strikket med pinne str 3. De ble litt store og løse med det garnet jeg har spunnet opp nå, veldig tynt.

Baby booties knitted in wildgrey angora yarn, they where knitted in knitting needles size 3. But since I am now spining the angora wool so thin, the knitting needles should have been in size 2,5.

Og et par i blå merino garn, spunnet av merino ullen jeg kjøpte ifra Australia.


Here is a couple in blue merino yarn, spinning of the gorgeous Aussie merino wool.