Birthday, drop spindle, fiber.

Tuesday I had knittingbirthday party as always it was a great party, look what I got from the girls 😀

From Tittei, Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn 😛

From Lises, Regia silk and Austeman sock yarn 😛

From Synne, Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn 😛

From Anette, Noro Sock yarn and soft white Bouton d’Our 😛

From Stillow, Fabel sock yarn 😛

From nsalsmo, more soft lovely white Bouton o’Dour baby alpaca

It was a great knitting birthday party 😀

I have also orded some new drop spindle from Bosworth, but since I would like to have them with walnut shaft it will take a little while before they arrive. So when I look at Spinnulla’s webshop and so the Greensleeves Vixen – Tulipwood 19 gram I had to try one of them, I gave Wenche the owner to Spinnulla some shipping tips and look how nice and lovely she is. I could choose 100 gram with what wool/fiber I wanted, of course I had to accept that gift 😛
I choosed Bambus Aegean, the color are gorgeous and the softness in this bambus are so soft.

Since I took a photo in the evening, the colors are not quite right. Look here for the correct color.

and here is the Greensleeves Vixen – Tulipwood 19 gram 8) the fiber is merino&silk blend from Highland Cottage.


Juhuu, the birthday wool from Wollknoll are in the house :o)

Since the custom office had done something wrong with my letter of attorney, I had do send in a new on and typical it took 2 days more before the they where finish with the custom decleration.

So finaly today I got notice from the post office and rushed of to get the packet paid for and take it home.

Tada, it is 3 kg of Mulberry silk, 2 kg of Tussah silk, 1 kg of grey alpaca, 1 kg of australian merino white and 1 kg of australian grey merino. But relax, it is just 5 kg who is mine 😛


The quality is gorgoeus, I have found my favorit place to shop this type of wool and fiber 🙂

Here is a photos of my first bobbin with dog wool, it is from Collie and I have already plyed it together with Gotland that I bought from Jackie. It is no washed and are hanging to dry in the shower.


I am also finised with one bobbin of lace white angora yarn, but spinning lace weight take time and are honostly a little bit «boring». But here is a photo of the bobbin, the coin is a Norwegian 1 coin.


And of course we need to see some new puppie photos, agree? 😛

First time out in the garden.

Little playful girl.


Something intresting Mike and Charlie?

Hurricane hit Bergen last night.

From rain season to hurricane last night, and if that was not terrible enough a oil tanker has got down outside the coast. Fedje are a small comunity, and since the readiness is very low from the goverment and the hurricane who hit the westcoast the cleaning is very difficult. It is a lot of volunter from WWW.
Here in my town the damage from the hurricane are big, for myself I have been lucky just a brick missing from my roof. The damage at my parents and sister house where much worse, the bad weather has move into the countrie and it is predicted bad weather for a week. I think that I prefer rain, but best if the we soon can see some sun again.

Otherwise the day has been used to cleaning the angoras cage, and finish with clipping Dina. Tomorrow it is Cirkeline tourn to get finish, the plan was to doe it today. But both cleaning the cage’s and clipping finish two angora, well my back think that is to much 🙂
I will take photos of Dina and Cirkeline tomorrow.

No it is the dog who is getting there tour, then it is back to ply the angora yarn. It is so much that it seems that I never will get finish, but I wonder if the plying bobbin is taken the two regular bobbin’s.


Angora clipping in process and plying of angora yarn.

Well here is Billy finish, don’t know if hi is quite satisfied with his new look 😛 But to be more serious, they have it much better after the clip. And the first they doe after there clipping is to begin to fix there coat every where, since they now can get everywhere on there body.


Then I remembered to take the camera with me out in the garage, and here is Alfie:


I am also finish spinning one full bobbin with wild-grey angora and one with white angora, now the plying begin wonder how long time this will take?


And some photos of the kids, after a long walk in rainy Bergen it is good to rest in the coach. Well, you can just see Charlies nose in his orange sleeping bag, hi love to rest under blanket etc. Ellie is resting in one here funny position. Here you can see here own photo gallery of funny sleeping position.


and Ellie.

I am also finish with a coupe of socks, knitted in Opal Zebra.


How the time is running away.

I helgen ble Cirkeline klippet ferdig, nå er det bare Dina og Alfie som er igjen. Alfie skal egentlig ikke klippes før den 27 okt. men da er jeg i USA og siden angoraene ikke skal gå på overtid, blir det klipping før jeg reiser.
På fredag fikk jeg melding om at det var kommet pakke i posten til meg, men jeg fikk ikke hentet den ut før på lørdag. Gjett om jeg ble glad, der var resten av bobbins og plying bobbin settet ifra Designscape. Så nå får jeg laget større garnnøster av gangen, da plying settet er det jeg bruker til å tvinne 2 trådet garn.
Akkurat nå holder jeg på å spinne ferdig bobbin nr 2 med viltgrå angora.
In the weekend I finished Cirkelines clipping, and now it is just Dina and Alfie left. Alfie should not got here cut before oct. 27 but since I am in USA then, I need to clipped before I am leaving on holliday.
I also got a nice surprice in my post on friday, well I did not pick up the packet before saturday. It was the rest of the bobbins, diz and plying set to my Little Gem. Now the plying will go better, since I have the plying bobbins and don’t need to ply on the small one.
I also are soon finish with bobbin nr 2, where I am spinning of the wildgrey angora wool.



New spinning in process and finish with some wristlets.

Ferdig med et par pulsvarmere i hvit angora, første gang jeg har strikket fletter. Takk til Annevenn for at hun viste meg hvordan en strikker fletter.
My first wristlets knitted in fold pattern, the first time I am knitting this kind of pattern. Thank you to Annevenn for learning me to knit this pattern.
close-photo-pulsv-flette.jpg hvit-angora-flette-pattern.jpg

Og dette er på rokken nå, rød merino med et touch av svart og silke.
My new project, red merino with a touch of black and silk.