10 kg with wool and yarn ;o)

I have been looking for BFL, Shetland and sock yarn for a long time, I found Bluefaced in Ravelry and when also Diane recomend them I send in a small order 😛

I also took a photos of Ricco with his Ch. ribbon, hi became NVCH last year but got his ribbon now 😀

and here is  a photos of Charlie and Ellie in the garden, as you can see we also have snow 😛


Puppies, wool, knitting, handdyeing and more :o)

The puppies was 2 weeks old Thursday, they have now began to open there eyes so will take some new photos in the weekend. But here you have some photos of them 😛


Happt little guys :o)

Sleepy boys.

Sleepy boys.

I recived my swap packet from Tamara that has been my pal in the Fibery Goodness swap that are in Ravelry, I love the packet I got from here.

My fiber packet from Tamara

My fiber packet from Tamara

The fiber is some lovely Targhee, I have never tried Targhee before so that should be very exciting to try. There was a wonderful skein with superwash ultrasoft merino, both the handspun yarn and the fiber is hand dyed by Tamara. Werther’s candy and chocholate and a candle with a nice sent with sage & citrus in a candle cup.
Thank you so much for this wonderful packet, Tamara 😀

More wool has arrived, Polwarth that I  never have tried. I found a shop in Denmark that sell Polwarth, after reading about a Polwarth farm in Australia I was so curios. I can already know tell you that this fiber I defently will get in my shop. I also got more of Spelsay from Spinnvilt.





I wrote knitting in the heading, I am finish with the second BSJ.  Well it is not quite finish, I need to assemble the jacket. Want to doe a i-cord around and also need to buy some button. But here is it, the yarn is Knitpicks Bare merino&silk that I have hand dyed.

BSJ no 2

BSJ no 2

I can know show you the yarn I spun and hand dyed to Linda, my pal in the Fibery Goodness swap. The handspun yarn is of 16 mic merino and is hand dyed in orange and yellow that Linda wrote she liked. With the fiber that we should send 4 oz of, I send some of the merino&silk I have to sale in my web shop the colors are in orange.



Fiber and spinning joy arrived in the mail box.

Yiah, I am in spinning heaven, just bad that I can’t use them on spinning before I totally finish with my firms accounting. But I can show what I got Thursday in my mail box:

From left, it is blue BFL, the other three skeins are merino&silk 50% all fiber are from Fiber artist. Bought at Garnkorgen – Sweeden. The two spindles are not new, but I had to try to spin the fiber at once I got the fiber 😛

Corridale&soy batts from Yarn Spider, new fiber for me. So I am excited to try.

White BFL tops, Fino baby alpaca yarn from Alpaca with a Twist, double row hand combs from Louet and Beth The Spinning Loft had also send sample of angora tops, that is the white little tops to the right. The red fiber is a sample off merino&tencel from Ashland bay. Thank you Beth.

For a long time, I have look at Knitzi trying to decied if I like it ore not. So in the end I just needed to buy one and try, I love it. Yes, it is bigger then the other knitting needles case I have, but my new Harmony Woods I want to protect 😀

I have knitted a hat for a friend of mine, it is from my own handspun yarn in merino. The merino I got from Nicole in a swap I joined at Raverly.

Presenting Mataya’s Golf Lima that will stay in the kennel 😛

More fiber coming in the mail.

Beth, my secret pal from Fiber Frenzy own The Spinning Loft and when I wanted to buy more of the gorgeous super soft baby alpaca from Handspinners dream it was naturally for me to contact Beth.
I also wanted to try some Karaoke, To Damer had got in Karaoke yarn but it is a little bit to thick for me. Knitting with 4,5 mm ore 5mm is quick, but I wanted thinner yarn so the only solution is to spin it myself.
Then I wonder if she also had some Soysilk and black bamboo from SWTC, I got some more fiber then I was suppose to 😛

Since I also Beth about sparkling fiber and silk cocoon my next spinning project, guess who was happy when Beth had put 3 different type of sparkling fiber in the box and some silk cocoon. So know I also have to try degum them.

Here is the fiber:

Light grey and white baby alpaca

Black bamboo and white soy silk

Karaoke mermaide and white

Sparkling fiber sample and silk coccon

Sirri lace yarn from Færøyene are a yarn I have wanted to try for some time, it is naturally and the lanolin is in the wool.
sirri wool

Ellie is know 7 1/2 weeks know, and she is big.

It is show to the weekend, first show this year so Pippi arrived today. Wow, it is long time since I have seem here know and it is not nice to brag, since she is from my own breeding. But, yes I am very satisfied with here confirmation and temperament 😛


Spinning and knitting.

Finish with some lace yarn I have been spinning, I love spinning lace but it takes it’s time.

Here is merino:


Wool: 18 mic merino from Wollknoll in Germany.
Weight: 83 gram / ap. 3 ounce.
Length: 412 m / 450.50 yards
WPI: 46

Doe you think this was thin? 😛 just wait to I tell you about Optim, hi hi.

I begin to spin the Optim Nancy – Chameleon Colorworks send me, she told me to predraft it lightly then it would spin like butter. She has right, it spin like butter – I love it. But it is also so easy to spin lace, to easy because if the 18 mic merino is 46 WPI I wonder what this will be since one single tread is thinner.


It has also done some knitting, May that is the LYS owner at To Damer are now selling yarn from SWTC and I bought some Karaoke. That is 50% soysilk and 50% wool, it is very soft and wonderful to knit with. I was going to knit My So Called Scarf pattern, but the yarn is a single tread so it fluzz up very easy. So then I just knit 1 k and 1 p, it was enough with 3 skeins since I used 40 sts.
I gave the scarf as a birthday present to my sister, as you can see I was not quite finish so I knitted it finish at the party 😛

Ellie is know 6 weeks pregnant and she is beginning to be big 🙂


Show weekend.

This weekend is the last show for Charlie and Kelly, Pippi the puppie bitch I have one co-ownership attend to here first puppy show.

For some reason I am not good today, so when I came on the show ground I was exhausted of unknown reason. Charlie is very sensitive on how I am, so don’t know if that was the reason that hi didn’t show so good that he use to. But Kelly did it very well, she became 2. Best bitch and got the certificate 🙂

Pippi became 2. Best puppy bitch, she had some fuzz on the table. But she is just 6 month old and this was Nina and Pippi first show ever.

Tomorrow is a new day, the rest of the day I am going to just relax and hope I am in better shape tomorrow.

I am also finish with the baby socks to my nephew Erik, it is hand dyed and handspun of angora, silk&merino. I am very satisfied with the dye job.


Look what I have got :o)

This month I joined the secret pal at Hobbyboden and today I got my packet, here is what who was in it:


2 ball with Alfa from Sandnes yarn, this is 85% wool and 15% mohair. 2 balls with Rowan hand knit cotton and some packets with koolaid.

There was some very few blueberry left in the garden, Ellie found them 😛

and Charlie are helping to clean up in some bushes 🙂


not the  best quality, but I tought Charlie’s expression was so funny.


I know, long time since last update :o)

Alright, I know it is a long time since last update, but it is so busy no at days.

Last weekend I was show weekend with the kids, I had Charlie and Kelly with me. The result up to know have not been of the best, but this weekend they did very well. On Saturday at Norges JFF show at Prestøya Charlie got 2. best male with res. CC and Kelly got 2. best bitch with res.CC.
Sunday was the Norwegian Kennel Club show at Bjerke. The day was was terrible in weather, we walked in mud up to the legs. But results was very good, Charlie got a very good critic but not the highest results 1. in open class and 3. in the competition class. Kelly did it very well, 3. best bitch with res. CC.
Of course, I hoped for the CC since both of the kids need the kennel club CC to became show Ch. they also need working merits. So maybe next show we will get the CC.
But this weekend, I also learned some of the not so good side with dogs show. I have heard about handlers that consciously try to destroy for other handlers and there dogs, and this weekend I experience this. Kelly always walked very good in the show ground, but when I suddenly felt that she did not want to walk I notice the handler behind me. The handler behind me nearly run Kelly down, before she past us as she should not have done. So after that Kelly did not wanted to go so much more, so I was very happy over the 3.place in the Best Bitch class. This behaving I have little respect for and yes, next time I will be ready and react this I will not tolerate anymore. Well, at least the handler did not got placed with here bitch in the Best Bitch class.

The other news is that I bought a GPS and yes it works almost 100%, but not always agree with me with was what the shortest way to the destination. But when I wake up on Sunday I quickly understand that I should have started the drive to Oslo for 15 minutes ago, the GPS that told me where the speed alarm is standing in the road was very handy to have. Doe I need to tell you why? 😛
We stayed with my brother Endre and his family, they had moved in there new house and had got it very nice and cosy.

I also met Stella a puppy I sold from Kelly and Milky’s litter, here is a photos of here:


Very long update.

Well, it is a good time since my last blogging, it has been so much to doe with both work and in the weekends.

There is so many photos in the posting, so they are show in thumbnail. Just click at them to see them larger, there you can also read the text.

So we begin with the latest news:

I have bought MBT sandals to use at work and free time, they are rely good to go with. Just need a time to get used to them, the first time I got dizzie.


Luckly enough this weekend I had totaly free and that was good, so it was a weekend with a lot of resting, tidy the house and more relaxing 🙂

Last thursday I took Ellie and Charlie with my to the Hundehelsesenteret, it was time for swimming traning. Poor Charlie had never swim before at all, so well I think Charlies’s expression talk for themself 😛





Wednesday it was time for knitting quild again, this time it was Cruzidull who was the hostess. For some reason the Bergenslady don’t want to have there photos on the blog. So here is some photos of the gorgous cat Cruzidull has, I don’t quite remember the correct breed name. But was something with Rex, and that coat was so soft and marvelous. Wish it could have been longer, then it would be wonderful to spin of 🙂 Cruzidull had also got a new digital camera earlier this summer, so I just had to take a photos of here.



Then last weekend Norwegian Angora had there annual summer gathering here in Bergen, I had class in food dyeing. The dyeing results was gorgoeus, I also carded up some of the tops I had dyed earliere. It was also very nice to meet people that I just had chat ore emailed with, hoping to join next years gathering also.



reidung-hand-dyeing.jpgfood-dyeing.jpg anne-berit.jpg



The whole gang, thank you guys for a great weekend 😛

Here is the tops I carded up, that I had dyed fora little while ago.

And here it is finish spin and Navahoe plyed:

I was going to post some photos from the NKK Trondheim dog show, Merete (kennel T-Bob), Anne and I went to. But when I checked the photo map, I had not prepped them yet. So I will put out a link here when I have made the show how trip report on my kennel webpage 🙂

Look what I have bought :o)

I have for a long time wanted to buy a digital Camera, the one I have is of the compact type and no I wanted a more adwance. Taken photos of dogs recomand a high quality camera, I had decieded to buy Canon EOS400D but that change.

On thursday Anne, Merete (kennel T-Bob) with Britney, Batist, Bori and the puppy Beyonce, myself with Charlie and Kelly was off to Trondheim. It was time for dog show again 🙂
I meet Anne at Nesttun where we shoped in food for the trip, we passed the photo shop Fana Optik and I decided to just take a quick trip and ask for a good price on Canon EOS400D. Well, the seller did not recomand Canon EOS400D because they did not think the camera was good enough in the optic. Hi was very clever and just show us some photos and ask me what was the best, and when hi sad that the photos I had pick out as the best was taken with Nikon D40 I decided me for go for Nikon D40. I also ask what was the difference in the D40 and D40x, can’t exactly remember what was the big difference. Ore well it was not so much difference, so when hi gave me a very good price on the D40 house, 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor, SD-memory card 2 GB, UV filter and Vanguard bag I bought it.

So we come a little bit late back home to me, where Merete was waiting at us with here car and camping wagon. But she surely understod why we suddenly used more time and why 5 minutes suddenly changed to 15 minutes. Think this is the fastet buying I have done before, but I had make my mind up with what I was going to have. Just needed the last user experience, so instead of traveling downtown today and buy camera I did it on thursday .


This photos is taken with my old Olympus camera, for me this was good before – but not anymore :))

I will write a show how trip report on my kennel website, but that will come in some days. But here is a photo of Charlie and me that Anne took with my new D40, she falled in love with D40 and are thinking serious on buying on for here to. We took some photos, just about 500 😛