New yarn to my webstore :o)

I have been and are busy with dyeing up new yarn, got in HK Sofuse, HK Joy and a new yarn HK Angela who is a soft lovely sw merino75% & nylon 25%.
I had a name contest to my new yarn on Uformelt, and there Margot won, given the new sw merino&nylon yarn: HK Angela. For the price it was a handdyed yarn in the colors she wanted, can’t put out a photo here before she has got it 😛

Here is a photos of some of the yarn I have dyed up 😀

Have also been finish with Monkey socks from Cookie A, loved this patter and have began on a new Monkey sock, this time no purl Monkey.

Knitted with HK Joy, color Turqoise, much more intens and lovley color, but have some problem to get the colors right. If you have some suggestion, I would be happy 😛

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