Puppies and spinning.

Yeah, I have some time to spin also, most try to get be finished with most of the angora wool before the little ones is moving down in the living room. Don’t know how much the spinning wheel can be left alone, I am not going to have any chewing mark so it is good that that it is Little Gem I have.

I have been finish with a skein of wildgrey angora, but thougth it was so much fuzz coming of so it is to washing now. I doe a rough washing and end up with nearly boiling water, because I do know that then the yarn is closing again.

Took a lot of puppie photos who is uploaded on the puppie website; f-litter growing upEllie’s website over funny sleeping position is also updatet with a few photos.

And my special lad Charlie, here are some photos of him 😛




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